These days the privacy of an individual is always at stake. People already stalk you on social media but that is with your permission. When some try to hijack your privacy, especially in a vacation rental property like Airbnb and many others, you completely lose your cool. People have shared their experiences on the Internet about finding hidden cameras in the most unexpected places.

Imagine finding hidden cameras in a daily object which you use. Like a coffee mug, a mobile phone charger, an air defuser, and many other such common things.

We at Hiptoro have combined a list of images shared by people to give you a gist of what can happen around you. Lina Survila, a global tech PR and chief editor at Abstract Stylist shared with us some tips that we all must use to figure out hidden cameras at unfamiliar places.

#1 Found A Hidden Camera In Airbnb Disguised As A Charger

#2 Hidden Spy Camera In A Screw Head


#3 Photo Frame Camera

“People’s concerns about being watched in inappropriate situations may lead to new regulations.”

However, Lina said that until then, “there’s not much that we can do when it comes to rentals.” The tech specialist suggests building self-awareness about the issue on your own. For example, “if you have a suspicion of being watched in private areas like the bedroom, bathroom, or any other areas (Airbnbs, hotels, etc.), look for hidden cameras first.”

#4 In “Oh, That’s A Thing Now” News, A Colleague Of Mine Thought It Odd That There Was A Single “Motion Detector” In His Airbnb In The Bedroom And Voila, It’s An Ip Camera Connected To The Web. (He Left At 3am, Reported, Host Is Suspended, Colleague Got Refund.)

#5 Family Discovers Hidden Camera Livestreaming In Airbnb, Husband Was The Man Who Found The Stream

#6 A Visitor Found An ‘Air Freshener’ Spy Camera In A Shopping Mall Bathroom In Russia

She added “turning off your light and looking for blinking small dots or searching for radiofrequency disturbances during calls.Usually, if these cameras are not using wi-fi, you can find an SD card placed inside the camera.”

In case you spot a hidden camera, Lina recommends reporting the incident to your Airbnb, hotel, or other rental provider. “You may find many free apps that help you find hidden cameras, but when installing them, be careful not to give unnecessary permissions, which might lead to exposing all your information to a third party.”

#7 Found This Camera Disguised As A USB Charger In The Woman’s Bathroom At The Starbucks I Work At. It Was Plugged In Directly Across From The Toilet. Please Keep An Eye Out!

#8 Couple Found Camera Hidden Inside Clock At Rental Apartment

#9 A Camera Hidden In A Fake Screw Head

#10 A Couple Who Rented A Home Through Airbnb Say They Were Horrified When They Spotted A Number Of Hidden Cameras Recording Their Every Move

#11 This Hidden Camera Disguised As A Clock In My Airbnb

#12 Water Bottle Hidden Camera

#13 Tying Up Stuff In The Hospital Ceiling, Nice Spy Cam Mr. Data Guy…

#14 Camera Hidden In Pen Holder, With The Lens Seen In The Centre Of The Green Sticker

#15 Hidden Camera Spy Cam Notebook


#16 Be Careful When Purchasing An Airbnb

#17 Coffee Cup Lid Hidden Cam Dvr

#18 A Micro Camera Hidden Inside An Electric Socket

#19 WiFi Shampoo Hidden Spy Camera

#20 Inside This Non-Functioning Smoke Detector Is A Hidden Night Vision Hd Camera And Dvr

#21 USB Flash Drive Hidden Camea

#22 Wall Clock Hidden Camera

#23 Outlet Hidden Camera