Pets are far more intelligent than we assume. And sometimes, seeing their smartness, all we can think is that they are 300 IQ geniuses or even mad scientists. If you don’t believe this, stay tuned because this post is going to blow your mind.

Here, people have shared the “most creepily intelligent things” that their pets have done and we are going crazy. Also, to understand animal intelligence in a better way, we even reached out to Dr. Suzanne MacDonald from the Department of Psychology at York University in Toronto. 

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“Pet owners tend to attribute a lot more cognitive complexity to their animals than the research typically shows they have,” she explained. “Of course, some people underestimate animal intelligence, but typically pet owners do the opposite.”

“Dog owners tend to overestimate their intelligence because dogs and humans co-evolved so we can read each other’s cues very well. Dogs are super great at picking up small cues from us, and they look to us when they need help… so they have learned to do things—like have a ‘guilty’ face, for example—that make us think they have the same intentions and understanding that humans do… even if the research shows that they don’t.”


“I wouldn’t say that makes them smarter,’ but it certainly does make urban raccoons more likely to be able to open trash cans and get into our attics than rural raccoons. I can’t say whether these differences are innate or whether urban raccoons learn how to do those things, so the next step is to compare baby urban and rural raccoons on the same tasks to see if the differences exist from birth. This is easier said than done so it is taking several years to collect enough data,” Dr. MacDonald explained.


“A researcher over 100 years ago did a memory test to compare dogs, monkeys, raccoons, and children, and he claimed that the raccoons and kids were the smartest!

“Certainly, raccoons are not evil geniuses, and they don’t compare with humans in terms of brainpower. Dogs are pretty special, too, because they evolved with humans and so are exquisitely tuned to human behavior. Raccoons have their own kind of smarts, not really the same as any other animal.”

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