Paris Hilton has spoken about how South Park portrayed her, saying that it made her feel “sick” and hurt her mental health.

South Park is known for its portrayals of famous people, and most of the time, they aren’t very nice. Instead, most of the time, they are caricatures.

Tom Cruise, Caitlyn Jenner, and Kim Kardashian are just a few examples. When it comes to making fun of celebrities and public figures, the long-running animated TV show doesn’t hold back.

In 2004, South Park aired an episode called “Stupid Spoiled W**** Video Playset.” It was about Paris Hilton, who was 42 at the time, and how all the girls in town wanted to be like her.

Paris Hilton

In typical South Park fashion, it wasn’t nice to the socialite because it made the girls who admired her into “stupid spoiled w****s.”

Her character is shown to have wonky eyes and cough up ejaculate from time to time. After getting sick of being petted by the star, her Chihuahua also kills itself.

Paris Hilton has now written about how the event made her feel in her new book, Paris: The Memoir. In it, she talks about how bad it made her feel.

The poster featured my face and the tagline: ‘Watch Paris die!’ I didn’t mind that marketing approach, and I wasn’t naïve about why they chose it,

Paris Hilton began.

I’m the title character, but they also apply that epithet to Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Tara Reid, and all the little girls who were fans, which upset me more than anything ugly they could say about me.


It also upsets me that the episode graphically portrays Tinkerbell [Hilton’s pet dog] being shot and killed. The thought of that made me sick. I’ve been involved in some pretty edgy media, but I don’t even know where something like that comes from,

Hilton concluded.

Even though she and other stars were portrayed in a bad light in the episode, the 42-year-old chose not to say anything at the time. She thinks that’s why the creators had bad things to say about her.

When a journalist told Matt [Stone] about my muted red-carpet response, he said, ‘That shows how f***ed up she is’,

Hilton wrote in her book.

My not wanting to watch his cartoon about my dog being shot and me coughing up ejaculate — that’s evidence of how f***ed up I am.

This isn’t the first time that South Park has been criticized for how it portrays famous people. Barbara Streisand, Ed Sheeran, and Meghan and Harry, who were the focus of a recent episode, have all spoken out against how the show portrayed them.

In the episode called “The World-Wide Privacy Tour,” the couple moves to a made-up town, where they make it clear that they want privacy by being loud about it, even though they are clearly enjoying the attention.

Even though there were rumors that the couple was going to sue the show, a representative for the couple said:

It’s all frankly nonsense. Totally baseless, boring reports.

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