Have you ever purchased an item only to find out that it’s useless? If so, you are not alone. There are several people who have purchased such products and are now wondering why these items are so popular and who still buys them? 

On the same thing, Reddit user @jezbez asked people online “What terrible product sells by the millions?” Scroll down for answers.

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anything made by or in cahoots with kylie jenner


Puppy mill puppies. Sorry to compare them to a product, but that’s how they’re treated. No one should purchase a puppy from a pet store, EVER. This now extends to online brokerage websites like greenfield and puppyspot. They’re like Amazon, a few clicks and a puppy will be sent to your door, and these puppies are coming from the exact same place as the pet store puppies. Because of people’s need for instant gratification, these facilities with hundreds to thousands of breeding animals persist. They are the best cash crop you could hope for.

Never believe a store who claims they only sell puppies from responsible breeders. No, not even if the owner has visited the breeders and “know” they’re good! By definition a responsible breeder would NEVER send their puppies to a pet store. Even pet stores that claim to only have rescues need to be scrutinized because some mills will use a shell rescue to “puppy launder”. “Licensed and certified breeders” should be a red flag – depending on the state, a breeder only needs to be licensed if they have a large number of dogs, are selling to brokers to go to pet stores, or to people “sight unseen” (online). YMMV depending on the state.

People sometimes justify their purchases as “saving” puppies from a pet store. But that is still investing in the industry and funding their operations by giving them profit. Legislation hasn’t stemmed the tide. Only a loss of profit will make mills move on to another hustle.

So please educate yourself and anyone you know who loves dogs and might ever be tempted to purchase a puppy from a pet store or online. Either adopt from a responsible rescue, or purchase from a responsible breeder.



Diamonds are fu*king worthless and fuel a gigantic slavery trade business. We should have stopped digging for em.and just using lab made ones.


Women’s pants/trousers which STILL have tiny pockets.




this should go without saying, but coffee pods


Detoxification miracle products.

“Get all the toxins out of your body!”

You have already have a pancreas and liver.

Edit: and kidney(s)Edit 2: Thanks for the silver!

Edit 2: Glad to see so many people actually are educated about their digestive systems. One of my favorite areas of study right now are the gut microbiome and it’s ever increasing known impact on our overall health. So far it really seems like one of the most important factors (if not the most) is the quality of care you give your ol’ poop machine. So yeah, don’t consume garbage branded as detox products that f**k your colon.


Speaking as a European, Hershey bars are absolutely horrendous






Any product where marketing is 95% of the production budget


Homeopathic “remedies” that are so diluted they might contain one molecule of what they purport to hold. And no, shaking them does not “activate” them. https://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/1800-studies-later-scientists-conclude-homeopathy-doesnt-work-180954534/


Plastic water/soda bottles. Environmentally terrible


Cheap toilet paper that your finger goes right through unless you fold it over several times.


Fast Fashion clothes


Nestle Bottled Water


Beats headphone, speakers etc. The headphones are so cheaply made that they put weights in them to make them feel higher quality

Edit: for those asking, you can’t go wrong with JBL – they’re invincible, affordable and unbelievably high quality for the price.

Edit 2: not saying weight = quality, I’m saying that people think weight = quality


MLM products.


Stuff with microbeads.

Seriously, how was this ever legal in the first place and why is it still legal?

Edit, apparently mictobeads were mostly banned in the US (where majority of redditors are from) in 2018 (enacted 2015) but I missed that. However, this is not a strict ban as they are still allowed in “non-rinse off” products such as make-up or pillow stuffing and you can order large quantities of them on Amazon. So while this is a step in the right direction, it is certainly not good enough. Furthermore, they should be banned worldwide like CFCs were as their environmental impact is equally as bad.


Printer ink cartridges.


Microtransactions in games.

The cosmetic ones I can understand, they can be fun, but the pay to win ones are terrible and yet they make millions every year.


Diet shakes/pills/teas etc


LOL surprise Toys or any such surprise toy , they sell like crazy and the whole idea is to buy them open the wrapper and see what you have got , once opened the toy is never used


Hartz brand pet flea treatments/medication. It’s dangerous and has been the cause of death for many pets. IIRC it’s a nerve agent that’s supposed to make the pet’s blood toxic to fleas.

I used some on my cat once and she started freaking out, then had trouble walking normally (her legs were twitching and kicking, clearly out of her control), and tears of brown thick liquid started streaming down her face. I picked her up and frantically gave her a bath hoping to wash any of the remaining chemicals off the back of her neck before any more of that poison seeped into her skin.


Fruits that have to be repackaged individually.




Cable TV (from major providers)

They made money f*****g people over and then when streaming services changed the game they decided to continue finding new ways to f**k you over. God help you if you live in a rural area.


Pay-to-win games


There’s an old IT joke about being in a room with three truly despicable people and a printer and a gun with two bullets. Who would you shoot? The answer for IT people is you would shoot the printer twice.


My data