One Punch Man season 2 episode 11 watch online release date

One Punch Man Season 2 finally came out 4 years after the first season ended way back in 2015. The anime series, where the hero Saitama defeats all of his enemies with just a single punch has gained a lot of popularity. When episode 9 was delayed last week due to the French Open, fans were baffled.

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While episode 10 is scheduled on regular time, One Punch Man fanbase is eagerly waiting for Season 2 Episode 11. With just three more episodes left, the eleventh episode will be very crucial to the story. Here is when the One Punch Man S02E11 will air and ways to live stream the anime show.

When will Episode 11 release?

One Punch Man Episode 11 Release Date One Punch Man new episodes are aired live every Tuesday, with just the Episode 9 as an exception. The next episode is expected to release on this Tuesday, June 18, while the Episode 11 will air on next Tuesday, June 25.

As for the release time, new episodes are premiered at 12.00 am EST / 9.00 pm PST. But considering fans don’t want to get spoiled, the show is released in the US at the same time as in Japan. Hence, it is expected that One Punch Man season 2 episode 11 will release on June 25 at 1.05 pm EST / 10.05 am PST.

How to Live Stream?

How to stream One Punch Man

There are plenty of ways to watch One Punch Man online, out of which Hulu is the current best option. Hulu has the digital rights for streaming the latest episodes of One Punch Man. To watch the new episodes from season 2 of One Punch Man, you can get a Hulu subscription. Hulu is not that much expensive and offers a wide variety of content, and the charges are $5.99 per month and $11.99 per month without ads. While season 1 of One Punch Man can also be streamed on Netflix.