One Punch Man Chapter 185 is coming up after almost one month. Spoilers, release date, what to expect, here are all the details you need to know.

In the previous chapter, we learned that The Hero Association’s reputation was boosted as a result of Tatsumaki’s Hero Association commercial being dramatically changed. As a new hero organization was being established, heroes Axel and Raiden notified there was no rise in the number of hero applications.

One Punch Man Chapter 185: Release date, Spoilers revealed!!
One Punch Man

One Punch Man Chapter 185: Spoilers Ahead!

In the next chapter of One Punch Man Chapter 185, we might get the leaders of the newly formed organization may present the Neo Heroes and declare their aim to demonstrate what genuine heroes are and refrain from becoming corrupt, similar to the Hero Association. Fans could perhaps meet some more characters after that.

Also in the previous chapter, as was the case with numerous other S-class heroes, Genos explained to Dr. Kuseno how he, too, had been approached by the Neo Heroes. Genos was questioned by Dr. Kuseno about his choice because he knew Genos had doubts about the Hero Association’s conduct. So we might see a turning point in Geno’s life and his decision to leave or stay with the hero association in the upcoming One Punch Man Chapter 185.

One Punch Man Chapter 184, Credit: Viz Media

Axel mentioned that the Neo Heroes will soon be founded and that they had already contacted a number of S-class heroes and Hero Association executives to see if they would consider switching. In spite of this, a number of heroes have made the decision to change sides.

One Punch Man Chapter 185 may indicate why they did so.

In the original webcomic, Superalloy Darkshine, Child Emperor, and Metal Bat are scheduled to join the Neo Heroes. Darkshine, however, serves as a trainer and sparring partner in the association.

In the meantime, McCoy, the Director of Hero Association, is expected to join the new organization. Given that McCoy was a part of the Hero Association’s corruption, a lot of things should reveal about the organization’s future.

One Punch Man Chapter 185: Release Date

One Punch Man will be released on 18th May 2023 at JST 7 PM. You can read One Punch Man Chapter 185 only on Viz Media.