One Punch Man Chapter 184 has been announced, and the fans are pretty excited to know what is in there in the upcoming chapters.

One Punch Man is a manga series written and illustrated by ONE. Initially, ONE used to post it on his blogs, but soon after it went viral, it was officially published by Shueisha’s Young Jump Web Comics in 2012. One Punch Man tells the story of a superhero named Saitama who is powerful enough to knock out his opponents or enemies with just “one punch” literally. He soon becomes bored with his powers and struggles to find worthy opponents.

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 One Punch Man Chapter 184 Release date Where to Read Online Spoilers
Chapter 184 is to be released soon

As the popularity of the manga series grew, it was soon adapted into an anime series that started airing in 2015 and completed its first season with just 12 episodes on TV Tokyo.

One Punch Man Chapter 184 Spoilers: What to expect

In the previous chapter, we see that Saitama finally returns home and realises that he needs new clothes and shoes. Upon his arrival, he finds Tanktop, Forte, and Chain’n’Toad in his house. Saitama asked them to not enter his house without his permission. Tanktop informed Saitama that Forte needed to say something. Forte came forward and apologized for his previous actions and offered to help Saitama buy him new clothes and shoes.

Saitama was in a dilemma about whether to believe him or not. Even Tanktop was a bit awestruck about the recent changes that he was seeing in Forte and asked him if he was hit by a car. However, Forte explained that he was quite amazed by Saitama’s fighting skills and he doubted anyone could defeat him or could last even for 10 seconds.

Forte tried his best to win over Saitama, but Saitama was still creeped out. Forte was sure that the earthquake was due to Saitama’s fighting skills and not by any kind of monsters. In order to be on Saitama’s side, Forte suggested that they should take good care of the dog. Meanwhile, Max finds out that all the monsters in B14 in the containment were eliminated.

 One Punch Man Chapter 184 Release date Where to Read Online Spoilers
Stills from One Punch Man Chapter 183

One Punch Man Chapter 184 spoilers

Once the incident was publicized, Tatsumaki received a lot of attention. She was hailed for annihilating every monster on her alone, which boosted the Hero Association’s reputation. Tatsumaki claimed to take responsibility and set off in search of the esper. Although it appeared to be a deception to garner Tatsumaki’s favor, it turned out to be part of the Esper sisters’ plot.

 One Punch Man Chapter 184 Release date Where to Read Online Spoilers
Stills from One Punch Man Chapter 184

One Punch Man manga fans should expect that chapter 184 will have a significant role for the Esper gang.

One Punch Man Chapter 184 Release Dates

One Punch Chapter 184 will be released on 26th April 2023 at 12 AM JST.

One Punch Man Chapter 184 Read Online on

One Punch Man Chapter 184 can be read online on various platforms including Viz Media.