In One Piece episode 886, fans are introduced to the Empty Throne lore, built on the center of the whole world where the Grand Line and all four oceans intersect. The throne is symbolic and represents all nations standing equally without a real ruler.

When an all-new person becomes queen or king of One country, they’re asked to take a pledge by placing a new whole sword in front of the throne, ensuring that it stays empty and defends World Government from the dictatorship. The new king is Stella, so he has been asked for the pledge, but then he’s very dumb and thereby his head is full of ambition to rule over all.

Game Of Thrones Influence in One Piece

One Piece Episode 886- Predictions

One may notice the Game of Thrones influence in One Piece episode 886, the series has been going on with similar themes since the first day. The pirates are a throne of sorts, and world domination looks as if it’s charming in One Piece.

The Empty Throne is an attempt made by the government to offer an alternative to the ruthlessness shown by the Pirates in One Piece, although all committed members of the audience can see hypocrisy from a mile. Five Elders are still ruling the government while Celestial Dragons who are descendants of 20 families who were behind forming World Government in One Piece are allowed to do all they like, no questions asked.

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Return of Celestial Dragon

One Piece Episode 886- Spoilers

The One Piece episode 886 will also see the return of the Celestial Dragon, Charlos who was punched by Luffy on the Sabaody, who gets in for kidnapping Shirahoshi. The Dragons are privileged enough to enslave a princess from another country, and all her loved ones are now rocked to deal with this. The worst ones are taking everything they wish for, and while all good guys are fighting to get her back, they’re halted by Lucci and CP0. This could even mean that their own country may get destroyed.

Fans may get 12 minutes of new story material this week on One Piece episode 886, and we believe that many episodes can be extracted out of this single one. The Empty Throne will be exciting and will build the whole One Piece series by defining the ethos of the current government than what fans have seen so far.