After the amazing conclusion of the battle between Sanji and Queen in the previous episode, viewers are eagerly anticipating the release of One Piece episode 1062. The preview suggests that the upcoming installment will primarily focus on Zoro’s fight with King, which has increased fans’ excitement as the days go by leading up to its official debut.

Unfortunately, it seems that fans will have to exercise patience as One Piece episode 1062 is currently delayed according to the latest information. This news has been officially verified, which means that viewers will have to wait until Sunday, May 21, 2023, when the next episode of the anime series is scheduled to be released in Japan.

Instead of the anticipated new episode, fans can expect a recap of Zoro and King’s battle so far in the upcoming week. This is a decision by Toei Animation that some fans may find frustrating at the moment as they eagerly await the next battle of the Onigashima raid. Nonetheless, it may not be a poor choice on the part of Toei Animation.

One Piece episode 1062 delay hints at high-quality animation on the horizon

One Piece Episode 1062
One Piece, Zoro

Although the recap episode may be disappointing for fans, it is important to note that it is only a one-time occurrence and not a series of filler or recap episodes. Additionally, the upcoming special episode may serve as a way to increase viewers’ anticipation for the Zoro versus King finale in One Piece episode 1062 next week, rather than distracting them with filler content.

It seems improbable that the delay of the episode is due to funding or production issues at Toei Animation. If that were the case, a long-term hiatus would be required, and Toei would make an official statement about the situation. Moreover, other Toei Animation series would likely be affected by such a problem, which does not seem to be the case at the time of writing.

Therefore, it is probable that the delay of One Piece episode 1062 is due to two main reasons. Firstly, the adaptation team and Toei Animation could be looking to generate excitement and anticipation for the upcoming episode by providing a recap of the fight. This strategy could spark discussions on social media, which would alert viewers about the impending finale, thus creating more buzz around the series.

The other significant reason behind the one-week delay of the episode is that Toei Animation may be dedicating substantial efforts to ensure that One Piece episode 1062 is of high quality. Despite the production process likely being completed well in advance of the episode’s scheduled release, such efforts may require the inclusion of a one-week break in the anime’s release schedule. Consequently, Toei Animation may have decided to create a recap episode by reusing old footage of the fight.

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one piece, King

While these reasons can only be speculative, they are the only ones that appear to make sense when considering all the relevant factors. The absence of any delay in other Toei Animation series, as mentioned earlier, also supports this hypothesis. This is an approach that Toei has adopted previously, resulting in an exceptionally animated canon episode being broadcast after the special episode.