Get ready One Piece Episode 1061! It’s coming soon, and we have all the details on when and where you can watch it.

The Wano Country arc of One Piece is heating up, and Episode 1060 brought us one step closer to a major showdown. Zoro was locked in an intense battle with King, but his attacks weren’t doing much damage. To make things worse, he was struggling to maintain his Haki. However, a memory from his past may hold the key to victory.

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The latest episode of One Piece took us on a journey through Zoro’s past. We saw him in Shimotsuki village, where he met a peculiar old man who turned out to be a legendary swordsmith. The old man’s words about swords testing their users came back to Zoro during his battle with King, helping him to understand the true power of Enma. The episode also featured Momonosuke, who discovered a new ability that he used to protect the Flower Capital.

One Piece Episode 1061: Preview and Expectations

One Piece Episode 1061
One Piece Episode 1061, Sanji vs Queen

One Piece fans have been eagerly anticipating One Piece Episode 1061, which is set to be released on May 7, 2023. The episode, titled “The Strike of an Ifrit! Sanji vs. Queen,” has been heavily promoted in Japan, with advertisements building up excitement for the epic battle. With a talented staff working on the episode, viewers can expect nothing but the highest quality. The episode will center around Sanji’s fight with Queen, the All-Star, which holds great significance for both the alliance’s success and Sanji’s personal growth.

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One Piece Perfect Shots
One Piece episode 1061.
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Queen has triggered Sanji’s traumatic memories, causing him to question his morality and sparking a crisis of identity. Despite this, Sanji remains determined to defeat Queen and support the alliance’s efforts. In the upcoming episode, Sanji will demonstrate a new fighting style that incorporates his recently awakened genetic abilities. This new style emphasizes speed and power, with blue flames surrounding Sanji’s legs as he unleashes devastating attacks. Fans can anticipate an action-packed battle as Sanji overcomes his inner turmoil and takes on Queen with his newfound strength.

One Piece Episode, Zoro
One Piece Episode, Zoro

As the episode draws to a close, viewers may catch a glimpse of a teaser for the upcoming showdown between Zoro and King. With Zoro having gained mastery over Enma, his priority is to finish the fight quickly, despite not yet possessing full control over the sword. Given the intensity of these two major battles occurring in succession, it is unlikely that the anime will shift its focus to other characters. As with Sanji’s fight, fans can anticipate an exquisitely animated and thrilling encounter as Zoro faces off against King.

One Piece Episode 1061: Where to Watch

Fans can tune in to Crunchyroll to watch One Piece Episode 1061 shortly after its initial release in Japan. As is customary, the episode will only be available with subtitles, while the dubbed version will be made available at a later date by Funimation. Currently, Crunchyroll is the preferred platform for viewers seeking to enjoy the latest episodes of One Piece.