One Piece Chapter 1092 will be released soon, and fans over on Reddit have already predicted what to anticipate in the upcoming chapter.

Luffy vs. Kizaru in One Piece Chapter 1092

One Piece Chapter 1092: Spoiler Predictions

One Piece Chapter 1092 will be titled “Tyrant’s Rampage In Mary Geoise Incident.” According to the spoilers revealed by a well-known leaker, @OP_SPOILERS2023, chapter 1092 will stick to its title as Kuma will go on a rampage in Mary Geoise while Akainu will attempt to stop him.

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Luffy’s Gear 4 snake-man will square off against Kizaru, but the chapter may also see Kizaru attack Luffy with a tremendous kick. At the end of Chapter 1092, Luffy may also be seen transforming into his Gear 5.

A fierce fight between Luffy and Kizaru (Credit: @ThaVladBaba)

The One Piece Reddit community has also predicted a few spoilers for the forthcoming chapter. Since the live-action One Piece was officially released last month on August 31, 2023, fans anticipate Eiichiro Oda will be able to focus on the following chapters without any further obstacles.

Fans expect a fierce fight between Luffy and Kizaru (Source: Viz)

Fans anticipate that the Zoro vs. Lucci fight will be over in a few panels and that the conflict will be a little dull, given that Zoro will almost certainly win.

“I hope Zoro vs. Lucci will be dealt with in a few panels. We already had Zoro win against a Yonkou commander, Lucci got beaten multiple times already. This fight is rather boring..”


Fans are particularly anticipating an exciting combat scenario between Luffy and Kizaru. Fans believe Luffy will eventually use his future sight ability to keep up with the speed of Kizaru.

“Zoro and Lucci will end up close to the power plant and will cause to explode (in “5 minutes”). Meanwhile, Luffy uses future sight to keep up with Kizaru’s speed, and they end up near the ancient robot (surely it’ll do something before the arc is over, right?).”


“I think, there is no way the shc leave egghead without a serious fight against kizaru. He can travel in the speed of light, they can’t use coup de vent to escape, kizaru would be there before they are 😀 Im really looking forward to kizaru getting down to luffy and then they will leave, I think, the main fight against saturn will be later on.”


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One Piece: Chapter 1092 – Predictions
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One Piece Chapter 1092: Release Date

One Piece Chapter 1092 will be released on September 19, 2023, at the following schedule:

One Piece Chapter 1092: Read Online

You can read the latest chapters of One Piece on Viz Media.