Brace yourselves, One Piece fans, because the highly anticipated One Piece Chapter 1086 is here to take you on a thrilling journey through the Grand Line once again.

Release date of One Piece Chapter 1086

One Piece Chapter 1086 will release on 11 June 2023 at 11 am EDT. The fans of the manga are finding it difficult to contain their excitement. The release date of the next chapter is around the corner and fans are completely eager.

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One Piece Chapter 1086
Chapter 1086 will release on 11 June 2023 at 11 am EDT.

Spoilers and raw scan of One Piece Chapter 1086

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Chapter 1086: "The Five Elder Planets" of One Piece is out!
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The spoiler and raw scan of One Piece Chapter 1086 will release on 8 June 2023. You can check them online on internet communities like Reddit and 4Chan. Usually, the spoiler and raw scan of a manga release three to four days before the original release date.

We get a narrator box with an important name revealed
A certain character from the Figarland family is revealed (Shanks’ family, this has been canon for months ever since Film RED)
The character is NOT Shanks
Big news morgans & vivi are in the chapter
A revelation happens, which is surprising or sad for people
Hiatus is starting from this week as per PewPiece (apparently one month long, from June 12th to July 10th)
Also from PewPiece, it seems S-Gecko and S-Crocodile are in the chapter
This chapter is worth the break as per SAN
From Elder Lee Hung on WorstGen
EDIT: More from EtenBobby
Chapter 1086 Five Elders
The rest of the Five Elders’ names are revealed and they each have a title of warrior god:
Saturn is warrior god of scientific defense
Warrior God of Agriculture Saint Shepherd Ju Peter(blonde one)
Warrior God of Finance Saint Ethanbaron V. Nasujuro(Bald guy with glasses)
Warrior God of Legal Affairs Saint Topman Valkyrie (big mustache guy)
Warrior God of Environment Saint Marcus Mars
Lulusia is to be destroyed using a weapon made by Vegapunk
there was a Saint Imu from the Nerona family among the first 20
Mjosgard is sentenced to death by the Holy Knights, we see their leader too, from the Figarland family.
Ju Peter- Jupiter
V. Nasu-Venus
Man (val)kyrie-Mercury
The Five Elders
From Redon about the Full Summary of Chapter 1086:
“This week, I am not going to publish the Summary of Chapter 1,086. It is better that you read the chapter directly so that you enjoy it 100%.”
Additional info:
The five elders talks about the families of the 20 founders regarding Nerona, Donquixote and Figarland.
Morgans appears in the last page and the narrator says he(morgans) is preparing for something will shake the world
Doffy seraphim appears in the chapter.
EDIT: Blackbeard/Cerberus stuff appears to be fake, lots of misinformation surrounding this chapter.
Figerland is the leader of the holy knights he is old man and strong his name is Garling
Ivankov thinks Imu have immortality because of Law’s fruit (old user) the ope ope no mi –
We have Moria , Doffy , Croco seraphim
Dragon couldn’t believe that Vegapunk invented such kind of a weapon (the one that destroyed Lulusia) and this is the first time the weapon has been used or something like that
confirmed by Scotchinformer
EtenBoby: He (Figerland) wears sunglasses and has long pointy hair and beard that together form a crescent moon

Where can you read One Piece Chapter 1086 online?

One Piece Chapter 1086
The spoiler and raw scan of Chapter 1086 will release on 8 June 2023.

The manga One Piece Chapter 1086 is available online on various websites including Viz Media, Shonen Jump and MangaPlus Platforms. If you haven’t already read the previous chapters of the manga, then check them out now. The next chapter will be available soon after its release.

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