One Piece Chapter 1084 is all set to be released on May 21st, 2023. Spoilers for this chapter are already making rounds on the internet. Much-awaited Imu Sama will finally make an appearance, it seems. Fans on Reddit have their opinions to share already.

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Glimpse of Im sama in the One Piece manga
A glimpse of Im Sama in previous chapters in One Piece manga.

One Piece Chapter 1084 spoilers

The spoilers for chapter 1084 were leaked online a few days ago, and fans are more than excited. The primary cause of excitement among fans is the glimpse of Imu Sama in the final few panels. Fans are deeming Imu to be the final villain. The final few panels show Imu to be ascending the throne confirming the fan’s speculations about Imu being the ultimate ruler. Nefertari Cobra, along with the Gorosei, watch this happen, while Cobra is shocked, the Gorosei seem to be unaffected.

One Piece chapter 1084 Reddit thread

Many fans had their opinions on the spoilers. All of them were excited about the new chapter. A lot of them were proud of Leo and Sai getting center stage for a while. A user by the name of u/rougepenguin said, ” Leo, my boy…I’m proud of you. Sai as well, but Leo’s my dude here. Way to do the Straw Hat Grand Fleet proud.”

Another user by the name u/Quibbrel replied, “Honestly gotta give props to Mjosgard here. The dude knew that Charlos needed to get smacked again but knew a member of royalty couldn’t do it and not cause issues. So he intervened just enough to make sure the best person possible gave Charlos his beatdown.”

Some fans were more fascinated by the phantom room introduced in the chapter. User u/Capital-Mushroom-73 said “The Legendary Phantom Room” Oda always adds more mysteries when making us think some of the mysteries are getting revealed. Another user u/sufferinsuccotashson replied, “I think the Phantom Room is the garden room where Im was holding the wanted posters”.

What secret does Cobra know about Imu in One Piece chapter 1084?

Some users were pointing out how Cobra reacted to Imu ascending the throne. A user by the name u/zerofifth wrote “Cobra: So nothing bad can happen with confronting the Gorosei about the ancient history, meaning of D, and a letter from my ancestor Im: Hello Cobra: Shit”  Fans were also speculating on whether cobra knew he was dying, user u/seekers123 wrote, “I think he already knew he was dead, that’s why he sent his guards away and told them to take care of Vivi.”

Release date speculations for One Piece Chapter 1085

The end of One Piece chapter 1084 is an announcement for another hiatus. The hiatus is for the week after the release of chapter 1084. While fans are disappointed with Oda taking a break after a cliffhanger, it is a good thing to take things slow at this point.

The most probable release date for chapter 1085 will be on June 4th, 2023. The original status of the hiatus will be available after the official release of One Piece Chapter 1084 on May 21st, 2023. Previously, Hiatuses have been one to three weeks long, most probably the hiatus this time will only be one week.

Where to read One Piece manga?

The first and latest three chapters can be read for free on the official Viz Media website, while the full manga is available on a subscription. The good news is One Piece manga can be read in full for free on Shueisha’s official mobile app Manga Plus.