One Piece Chapter 1082 will currently be dealing with the Cross Guild. However, there is also an interesting turn of events as we see the focus is also shifting towards the Revolutionary Army.

Sabo was assumed dead following the events described in One Piece Chapter 1060 because of his role in the complete destruction of the Lulusia Kingdom. But according to the most recent issue of the series, he only managed to survive the incident because he wasn’t actually in Lulusia.

One Piece Chapter 1082: Is Sabo Alive? Spoilers and more
One Piece

Sabo started reporting to Dragon and Ivankov about what transpired at the Levely as the chapter came to its end. Fans were right away intrigued in this since there’s a good likelihood that Sabo’s story may contain information about his stunning meeting with the enigmatic Im.

Sabo is Monkey D. Dragon’s closest confidant and the adopted brother of Monkey D. Luffy and Portuguese D. Ace. He serves as both the Revolutionary Army’s chief of staff and its second-in-command.

One Piece Chapter 1082 Is Sabo Alive Spoilers and more
Sabo from One Piece

Twitter users have taken the social media platform by storm after the spoilers of Sabo being alive were revealed. Let us take a quick look at what to expect in One Piece Chapter 1082

Disclaimer: Spoilers Ahead!

One Piece Chapter 1082: Spoilers in detail

One Piece Chapter 1082 starts with the news report featuring the demise of T-Bone. The news revealed that he was murdered by a citizen who was after the Bounty offered by the Cross Guild. The senior Marine HQ officers were uncomfortable by this news. The growing threat posed by the Cross Guild is discussed by Sengoku and Tsuru.

In the next scene, we see Buggy sending money to the family of the man who killed T-Bone. However, we do not know how many stars were there in T-Bone’s bounty. To return the favor, the man will be seen to join the Cross Guild, and Buggy will keep the marines away from him.

When Crocodile and Mihawk see the Cross Guild ship, which has Buggy’s head as its figurehead and a clown motif (though the ship hasn’t yet been given a name), they attack Buggy once more; his fellow crew members do not provide any assistance.

Crocodile wants to create a military state named “Utopia,” which would be immune to any exterior attacks, but Buggy disagrees with this plan. To accomplish his idea of “Utopia” and widen his circle of influence, Crocodile, however, plans to make use of the Cross Guild’s skills.

“That’s not what true pirates do!!!” Buggy exclaims to that. Buggy and Shanks’ past appears in a flashback. On the day of the execution of Gol D. Roger, it happened in Loguetown 24 years ago. It’s an expansion of the panel used during Whitebeard and Shanks’ dialogue in chapter 434. Buggy inquired about their strategy for the One Piece with Shanks. Prior to that, Shanks was planning to go, but he later changed his mind and decided not to go to Laugh Tale.

One Piece 1082 then turned to the Kamabakka Queendom on Momoiro Island, which is the location of the Revolutionary Army’s base, after concentrating mostly on the most recent problems with the Cross Guild.

The unexpected return of Sabo was praised by the Revolutionaries. When Im destroyed the island, Sabo revealed that he was on a ship residing in the nearby area, along with some Lulusians who desired to enlist in the Revolutionary Army.

It is now known that Sabo was not in the kingdom of Lulusia when Im discovered the island. Sabo was traveling aboard a ship carrying several citizens of Lulusia who wanted to enlist in the Revolutionary Army.

Sabo met up with Dragon, the head of the Revolutionaries, and Emporio Ivankov, his right-hand man, in a secret area right after being welcomed back by his close companions, in yet another jaw-dropping instance. As for what transpired in Mary Geoise during the Levely, Sabo vowed to tell them the whole truth.

After recounting Tenryuubito’s heinous actions on helpless victims, Sabo goes on to explain why he can no longer quietly watch these crimes be committed. Furthermore, he outlines his ideal world in which everyone can live in peace, free from oppression and discrimination. Dragon and Ivankov are profoundly impressed by Sabo’s tenacity and his proposal, and they promise their support to him in his efforts to create this new reality.

This is where the chapter ends, saying there aren’t going to be any breaks after One Piece Chapter 1082.

Let’s see what the fans have to say about this latest revelation!

One Piece Chapter 1082 Is Sabo Alive Spoilers and more
One Piece Chapter 1082

One Piece Chapter 1082 has the fans hooked to it, and it looks like they cannot wait anymore.

One Piece Chapter 1082: Release Date

One Piece Chapter 1082 will be released soon on May 7th, 2023.

Here is a detailed schedule of its due release

  • Pacific Time: 9 AM
  • Central Time: 11 AM
  • Japanese Time: Midday
  • British Time: 5 PM

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