On April 26, 2023, alleged spoilers for the full summary of One Piece Chapter 1082 were released, revealing exciting news about the characters’ lives and significant updates on the world. Despite fans’ disappointment that the focus of the series has not yet shifted back to Egghead, it appears that the upcoming issues will feature his return.

One Piece Chapter 1082 provides important information about the Cross Guild, which is depicted as being well-received by the general public in the series’ world. Additionally, readers get a glimpse into how the Marines respond to the bounties placed on the Cross Guild and the casualties resulting from their actions.

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One Piece Chapter 1082 offers an exhilarating affirmation of life as it introduces even more updates on the world of the series.

Detailed plot revelations

Supposedly complete summary spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1082 suggest that the chapter opens with a news report announcing the death of Captain T-Bone, who was allegedly killed by a citizen looking to claim the bounty on his head. The scene then shifts to Marine headquarters, where Sengoku and Tsuru are discussing the growing danger posed by the Cross Guild.

Afterward, Hina arrives and converses with them, prompting Sengoku to inquire about Garp’s whereabouts. She replies that Garp departed a few days ago with SWORD and Kujaku to rescue Koby. Sengoku and Tsuru express disbelief as the narrative switches to Karai Bari Island, the Cross Guild’s headquarters. Meanwhile, in One Piece Chapter 1082, Buggy sends money to the family of T-Bone’s killer. The scene does not disclose the exact amount of T-Bone’s bounty. However, it does reveal that the assassin is expected to join the Cross Guild, and Buggy pledges to safeguard him from the Marines.

The scene then reveals that the Cross Guild’s vessel, which has a clown theme, has been constructed, with Buggy serving as its figurehead, much to everyone’s amusement. When Crocodile and Mihawk see the ship, they begin to pummel Buggy, with his original crewmates standing by and doing nothing.

In One Piece Chapter 1082, the two actual leaders of the Cross Guild inquire as to why they must travel on that ship, and Crocodile subsequently elaborates on his Utopia strategy. He desires to establish a nation called “Utopia” using the Cross Guild, which will be impervious to any danger. Mihawk advises Crocodile to gather more strength before pursuing his ambitious goal.

Buggy, on the other hand, opposes Crocodile’s plan, arguing that it is not what genuine pirates do. This sets off a flashback featuring Shanks and Buggy, which occurred 24 years ago in Loguetown on the day of Gol D. Roger’s execution. It’s a continuation of the flashback scene of the two displayed during Whitebeard and Shanks’ conversation in Chapter 434.

One Piece Chapter 1082 features a flashback where Buggy expresses his disappointment in Shanks for not wanting to search for the One Piece together after Gol D. Roger’s death. Buggy had hoped Shanks would become the next Pirate King and was angry that he was giving up on that dream. In the present, Buggy discusses Shanks’ recent actions with Mihawk and Crocodile, expressing his anger and saying that it fires him up.

In One Piece Chapter 1082, Buggy declares his ambition to become the Pirate King, stating that he is now a Yonko like Shanks. However, Crocodile beats him up and points out that piracy is a business, and Buggy has no plans or preparations. Mihawk questions Buggy’s expectation that the Cross Guild can defeat people like Shanks, Blackbeard, and Luffy just on Buggy’s orders. Buggy responds that they don’t need to defeat them all, but only to take the treasure first. He takes a microphone and encourages the Cross Guild members to remember why they went out to sea in the first place and to join him in taking the One Piece for themselves.

Buggy, One Piece Chapter 1082
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In One Piece Chapter 1082, the Cross Guild members cheer Buggy on while Crocodile and Mihawk are shown to be shocked and angry at their clown partner. The scene then shifts to the Kamabakka Queendom, where the Revolutionary Army’s base is located. There is commotion as someone arrives, revealed to be Sabo, who has returned safely. Sabo explains that he was not on the Lulusia Kingdom when Im-sama destroyed the island. Instead, he was on a ship taking some Lulusia citizens who wanted to join the Revolutionary Army to the Queendom. Sabo then joins Monkey D. Dragon and Emporio Ivankov in the meeting room, saying he’ll tell them the entire truth about what happened at Mariejois during the Reverie as the chapter comes to a close.

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