Fans of The Little Mermaid have recently received an entirely fresh look at the live-action remake. The movie’s Disney teaser received a staggering number of views. Fans can feast their eyes on some brand-new pictures of Ariel and Price Eric from Entertainment Weekly. It seems as though Halle Bailey and Jonah Hauer-King have been joined at the hip throughout The Little Mermaid production. Director Rob Marshall can be seen assembling the shots while submerged to his waist in water inside the pictures. In these images, Melissa McCarthy’s Ursula can also be seen more clearly. See what excitement is coming down below!

We spoke with Bailey about her underwater adventure in The Little Mermaid. Such a beloved Disney tale necessitates a deft touch. But she tells us that the team is up to the task.

“Well, this movie means so much to me, since I was a little girl. I think, approaching this role, I said to myself, “I can only try my hardest and make myself proud. If I make the little girl inside me happy, then I know I did a good job and I know I’m doing my best.” I just gave it my all, and I hope people can take something away from it,” Bailey told us.

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The men helping with music.

The Little Mermaid
The Director

King Triton

The Little Mermaid

Queen Selina

Ariel and Prince Eric

New adventures

Prince Eric


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