Top TV Shows in February 2019 listed

Netflix Top Shows for February 2019 is no more of a topic of making guesses. We now bring to you Netflix Top Shows which are a must watch and the most trending ones because of their great story line and content. All you gotta do is scroll down the list we have made just for you.

Netflix Top Shows : Black Mirror

This Charlie Brooker’s drama began as a Channel 4 shot in the dark, but soon it became one of the most bleakly gripping TV series.

Then came in Netflix to showcase the dystopian vision where technology has taken over the lives of the people. The seasons that followed has featured some of the most ambitious as well as gripping tales.

And then later, the entire game was changed by the creator, Brooker with the choose your own adventure Bandersnatch.

Top TV Shows in February 2019 listed
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Black Mirror revolutionized with Bandersnatch

With a last gasp in 2018, Black Mirror released Bandersnatch on Netflix which indeed is a step-up to its previous versions.

Through Bandersnatch, the enthusiastic viewers can now control the choices of their main protagonist at streaming event.

Once there was also an opportunity given to the viewers  to inform Stefan Butler, the main protagonist of him being watched on Netflix. And to say that doing so freaked the poor kid would really be an understatement.

With these interesting and much more interactive levels of Bandersnatch in Black Mirror, the show was bound to reach to top 1 in our list. The viewers are really enjoying this stepped up version with the choices given where they feel powerful that they can steer the protagonist as per their will.

The other well streaming TV shows in sci-fi genre which give good competition to Black Mirror are Star Trek: The Original Series, Star Trek: Next Generation and Into the Badlands.

Star Trek:

 Half of the list of great shows in the sci-fi genre could contain Star Trek shows. Star Trek: The Animated SeriesStar Trek: The Next GenerationStar Trek: Deep Space NineStar Trek: Voyager and, hell, even Star Trek: Enterprise are all available to stream on Netflix

Into The Badlands:

 AMC’s Into The Badlands is one of the most inventive shows which is also action packed. The series starts post great war which destroyed what was left of the civil society on Earth. What is left behind is a hierarchical system in which men and women keep slaves so as to help them archive power.

Netflix Top Shows : Stranger Things

This scary horror series has recently been the most talked about TV series. This is the reason it is a part of our list of Top shows.

The show is about four absolutely normal kids of 1980s. This is along with one telekinetic super-girl and an inter-dimensional monster who walks in through the walls.

Top TV Shows in February 2019 listed
Source: Brooklyn Vegan

The soundtracks of the show are also something that are unmissable.

This pop culture phenomenon show, Stranger Things has some unbridled moments of terror. The series has some real good competitors in the genre.

The second season of Stranger Things which premiered on Netflix in 2017 and was then among-st the most watched shows on the streaming service provider.

Therefore this immense anticipation for the season 3 of Stranger Things does not come as any surprise for us.

With the news of the next season premiering on the Independence day of this year, i.e. the 4th of July, the level of excitement is very high for all the viewers. They are eagerly waiting for this new season to premiere.

Therefore revisiting season 1 and 2 becomes a must just before we start with the brand new season 3.

Series like Supernatural, The Haunting of Hill House and Dexter are the real competitors of Stranger Things.


is the series about a serial killer who murders other killers. The show is about the protagonist who just cannot reveal his personality. The murders along with the chasing add good moments of horror and adventure to the show.


is one of the longest running horror adventure series with the most liked actors of horror TV genre, Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles.

The two play the role of monster-hunting brothers who travel the country fighting beasts. They together solve urban legends.

The Haunting of Hill House:

is one of the most celebrated books in the history of the literature pertaining to horror. This series is a loose adaptation of the original tale with a twist of supernatural horror.

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