Sweet Tooth Season 3 could be given a go at Netflix, and fans of the post-apocalyptic fantasy series are eager to see what’s next for Gus and his fellow hybrid kids. After the events of Sweet Tooth Season 2, which saw the kids reunited with their guardians and facing new challenges, there are many possibilities for where the story could go.

Will they be able to find a safe haven for hybrids, or will the Last Men continue to pose a threat? Whatever happens, viewers can expect more emotional moments and heartwarming connections between the characters that have made Sweet Tooth such a beloved series.

What to Watch Out for in Sweet Tooth Season 3

The Next Main Villians

Sweet Tooth Season 3: What can we expect from the hit Netflix show

Annie and Jepperd’s mission to rescue Gus and the hybrid kids from the Last Men’s clutches takes center stage in Sweet Tooth Season 2. After successfully escaping with the children, they seek refuge at Gus’ home in Yellowstone National Park. However, General Abbot is not ready to give up the hunt, especially after Aimee provoked him earlier. But thanks to a dying tiger’s warning, Aimee and her team are prepared for Abbot’s attack, resulting in his death as he is stampeded by a herd of bison.

The death of General Abbot leaves the Last Men powerless. A higher authority is set to take charge and bring misery to the lives of the characters. The Three warlords Dutch, Voss, and Helen Zhang, known as The Three‘, were previously introduced in the series. Abbot needed their resources and assistance for his dream project, Evergreen. Helen coerced Abbot into making a deal that eliminated Voss and Dutch from the picture. She took all the spots for her family, leaving Abbot with nothing in return. This sets up an interesting plot for Sweet Tooth Season 3

Sweet Tooth season 3 might explore the consequences of Helen Zhang’s newfound determination to find the cure for the virus as she takes matters into her own hands by feeding the unseen “babies” and the feral creatures hinted at. This could potentially lead to the introduction of the feral dog-boys or wolf-boys from the comics, controlled by the Animal Army leaders, and now by Helen.

Aditya And Rani’s Journey

Sweet Tooth Season 3: What can we expect from the hit Netflix show

The Singh family separates tragically in season 2’s finale. Rani leaves Aditya after realizing how driven he has become in search of a cure. She sets off alone with no cure for her H5G9 virus infection. Meanwhile, Aditya’s research works are destroyed by Aimee, and he almost takes his own life. But he has a revelation that Gus may hold the key to synthesizing a cure. Aditya finds out about Gus’ home and the location where his team is headed to rescue Birdie. He decides to set out for Alaska to search for answers and continue his research. Sweet Tooth Season 3 will take a pivotal turn for both characters.

Gus and his family set off on a journey to Alaska.

Aimee passes away from the sickness. Gus, Bear, and Jepperd take care of the hybrid kids in Yellowstone National Park. Gus has a vision of Birdie in a snowy region and shares it with the family. Jepperd listens to Birdie’s tape, and Wendy deduces her location to be in Alaska. They set off to find and help Birdie, leaving the hybrid kids with the Andersons. In Sweet Tooth Season 3, Aditya and Gus will likely cross paths.

Tales of Vengence

Following General Abbot’s demise, the fate of the Last Men, who narrowly escaped, remains unknown. Similarly, the Dutch and Voss families, who were cunningly deceived and abandoned by Abbot and Helen Zhang, were left to fend for themselves. Sweet Tooth Season 3 could delve into the scheming of these three groups as they attempt to seek revenge by either eliminating one another or thwarting Gus and his family’s plans.

The Course of the Virus

Sweet Tooth Season 3: What can we expect from the hit Netflix show

The H5G9 virus eliminated 98% of the population in nine years. The virus is mutating and in the new season, the doomsday strain eradicates 99% of the remaining population. The disease’s direction in the upcoming season is unclear, with hybrids being the future. Both Dr. Singh and Birdie may try to synthesize a cure. The possibility of human egocentrism failing again is something to look forward to in Sweet Tooth Season 3

There are a lot of stories to tell, but Netflix is yet to renew the series. With a faithful fanbase and good storytelling, Netflix might give it the green light in the days to come. Stay tuned as we bring you more updates from Netflix.

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