Joel Embiid might be looking for a way out. The Sixers’ power forward is expected to play for the Warriors next season. Nobody saw this trade coming, neither the Sixers nor the fans and probably the player himself. But it is going to happen anyway due to the sudden change in the circumstances.

Earlier, it was speculated that Embiid would ask for a trade since James Harden wants a move to the Clippers. Embiid has probably thought it over, Harden’s departure would weaken the Sixers, and he would not like to spend his prime years in a struggling team. The Warriors have shown interest in signing him. Would he go? Here is all the information you need about the trade between the Golden State Warriors and the Philadelphia Sixers involving Joel Embiid.

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Joel Embiid, Sixers' Joel Embiid Trade To The Warriors In Proposal
Joel Embiid is set to play for the Sixers next season.

What would the Warriors offer for Joel Embiid?

The Warriors can trade off Andrew Wiggins, Jonathan Kuminga, Kevon Looney, Gary Payton, and a first-round pick each from the years 2027 and 2029 in exchange for Joel Embiid. Yes, that’s how valuable Embiid is in terms of assets. The reigning MVP is the most important pillar for the Sixers; his departure would be painful. Can the warriors mend the pain with their offer?

How did Joel Embiid perform last season?

Embiid played 66 games for the Sixers last season and averaged 33.1 points per game. He also managed to have 10.2 rebounds and 4.2 assists per game as well. The 29-year-old played a crucial role in the Sixers 2022-23 campaign.

In his long career with the Sixers, Embiid made six All-Star teams, five All-NBA teams, and three All-defensive teams. He added the MVP tag to his personal accolades as well.

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EJ Stewart
“Until he says to Daryl Morey ‘it’s time to move me, I’m demanding a trade’ there’s nothing really to talk about.”

Had to ask @IanBegley the million dollar question… why do people keep linking the Knicks to Sixers star Joel Embiid?

What is the Situation of Joel Embiid with the Sixers?

Embiid had signed a four-year-long contract extension with the Sixers in 2021 which was worth $210M. The Sixers would not like to let him go, but he might leave this season. If he does not, the Sixers would be needed to be at their best because if they struggle, Embiid would prefer to leave.

Can the Sixers pursue Embiid to stay longer than he intends to? How big of a role would James Harden’s situation and the possible rebuilding phase would play? We’ll keep you updated.