Jayson Tatum’s unwavering commitment to Jaylen Brown and their partnership is evident despite the disappointing end to the Boston Celtics’ season. Brown’s struggles and performance have raised questions about his future with the team, but Jayson Tatum’s loyalty remains steadfast. The Celtics will assess their options, but Tatum’s desire to keep Brown signifies their focus on a successful future together.

Jayson Tatum Emphasizes Desire for Jaylen Brown's Return to Boston

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"It's extremely important."

Jayson Tatum on importance of Celtics keeping Jaylen Brown as he is up for a contract extension

Jayson Tatum’s Firm Stance: Jaylen Brown Must Stay in Boston

Boston Celtics face a crossroads with Jaylen Brown’s future. As he becomes supermax-eligible after making All-NBA second team, his potential $50+ million contract raises concerns about the roster and financial flexibility. Building around Brown and Jayson Tatum may require sacrifices like the NBA stars Grant Williams and Derrick White. CBA implications add complexity to the decision.

Jayson Tatum Emphasizes Desire for Jaylen Brown's Return to Boston

Despite the financial considerations, Tatum has made it clear that he wants Brown to remain by his side. Tatum sees Brown as his valued partner, and their chemistry on the court has been a driving force for the team. While Brown is set to earn $28.5 million next season, the Celtics have the opportunity to secure him for the long term with a potential five-year extension worth $295 million, locking him up through his prime years.

However, the Celtics must carefully weigh their options and prioritize Tatum as the cornerstone of the team. While Brown has played a significant role in the Celtics’ playoff runs, including five conference finals appearances, the ultimate goal of winning a championship has remained elusive. It is crucial for the team to assess the value Brown brings and consider whether allocating such a substantial amount of resources to his contract is the best path forward.
Jayson Tatum Emphasizes Desire for Jaylen Brown's Return to Boston

Amidst trade proposals and external pressures, the Celtics should exercise patience and maintain a long-term perspective. Tatum and Brown are still young and have room to grow and improve their game. Brown’s performance in Game 7 serves as a motivator for him to work on areas like his ball handling and shot creation. Finding common ground with Brown on a new extension, even if it falls short of the supermax, would demonstrate the team’s commitment to their dynamic duo while also allowing flexibility to build a competitive roster around them.

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