James Harden is making the headlines after his trade request to join the Los Angeles Clippers. The star guard has been quite controversial in the past few weeks due to his statements.

Recently, a popular NBA news writer named Steve Bulpett of Heavy Sports has revealed that there is a team eyeing the star guards.

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NBA Insider Reveals Team Eyeing James Harden in a Trade Proposal
James Harden

Steve Bulpett is a popular writer who often proposes trade deals between NBA teams to trade and acquire different players. The writer has written in an article that “there may be a team” eyeing the star guard James Harden from the Philadelphia 76ers.

Bulpett wrote:

“There may be a team that goes for him at some point.”

“But he costs you a lot of money, and he can obviously be a major headache when he’s not happy. This is the third team he’s demanded a traded from.”

NBA Insider Reveals Team Eyeing James Harden in a Trade Proposal
Image: Philadelphia 76ers

Steve further added:

“And if you’re looking to build a team to win everything, you have to have questions. The bottom line is you’d rather be playing against him in the playoffs than have him on your team. No question he can get you numbers, and the averages in the playoffs can make it look not that bad. But the playoffs are different, and that’s when he can cost you a lot on defense and, in general, how he wants to play with the ball in his hands.”

Harden is a controversial star player and has been widely popular for his bold statements. Recently, he called the Sixers general manager, Daryl Morey, “a liar” while he was on the Adidas tour in China.

For this statement, Harden was fined $100,000 by the NBA management. James has no relationship with Daryl now.

James Harden Eyes Clippers, But High Price Tag and Contract Dilemmas Could Change the Game

NBA Insider Reveals Team Eyeing James Harden in a Trade Proposal
Harden has requested his trade from the Sixers

Upon the trade request by James Harden, his current team, the Philadelphia Sixers, started hunting the best available deal. While Harden wants to join the LA Clippers, his team may ignore his request, as there is no such clause in his contract to trade him to his desired team.

The Sixers might trade him to any team that offers the best value in return for Harden. He has agreed to get the $35.6 million player option for the upcoming NBA Season.

However, other teams find the value to be high and don’t want to acquire Harden for that price. The Sixers are in a problematic situation right now. If Harden requests a trade, Joel Embiid may also ask for his trade.

Sixers Hope to Keep Harden for a Title Run, But Will He Stay After Major Team Drama?

As per the news reports, the Sixers want to retain James Harden to be the contenders for the title in the upcoming season. However, Harden doesn’t want to stay in the team and may not even come back to the Sixers due to his controversy with the general manager.