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ESPN is set to distance themselves further from LaVar Ball, following the inappropriate comments he made to the host of “First Take,” Molly Qerim. An ESPN spokesperson informed the Athletic’s Richard Deitsch that ESPN has no plans involving Ball going forward.

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The Inappropriate Comments by LaVar Ball

The whole thing unfolded on earlier this week when Ball found himself in hot water following some comments he made on “First Take.”

During the interview, Qerim asked Ball if she could “switch gears” and ask Ball’s opinion on a different topic.

Ball controversially responded by saying, “You can switch gears with me anytime.”

The sexist remark drew and surprised look from Qerim, and a disgusting look from the other man present on the show, Stephen A. Smith.

When the show can coming to an end, Qerim did jokingly recall the incident, remarking that she may have to call HR.

LaVar Ball ESPN

Qerim had an interview on Tuesday with the TMZ regarding the incident. She mentioned that she was happy with the supportive nature of the network and that they “had her back.”

No apology yet from LaVar Ball

Qerim was quizzed if there were any attempts to apologize from LaVar’s side. She clarified that she hadn’t heard from anyone yet and that she had shut her phone when she was done with the work.

LaVar Ball ESPN

Her husband, NBA star Jalen Rose, believes that it would have been best if LaVar had just apologized publicly.

LaVar, on the other hand, is adamant that the comments were not intended as sexual, and that he made them in good humor.

Time will tell how this scandal unfolds further.