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NBA news: Boston Celtics free agency trade with Washington Wizards, Utah Jazz and Houston Rockets possible

NBA Boston Celtics free agency trade Washington Wizards Utah Jazz and Houston Rockets

The upcoming NBA season looks very hard for the Boston Celtics as the two of its star players are leaving the team. The Celtics were already not doing that good, were eliminated in the playoffs and now will be broken. Kyrie Irving and Al Horford have made up their minds and are leaving the team for the free agency.


The Celtics had their eyes on Mick Conley, but even he was traded to the Utah Jazz from the Memphis Grizzlies. The only good part is that since most of the players have left the Boston team, they have a lot of cap space open. Here are the possible deals the Celtics can make in the 2019 free agency.

Washington Wizards

Washington Wizards

The Boston Celtics are not happy with Gordon Hayward in their team and need a younger superstar in their team. To make a trade, they need such a team which has exhausted their cap space with bad choices. Washington Wizards fits the bill exactly, and even have players to offer that can be useful in the Boston squad.

Bradley Beal and Dwight Howard could be traded in for Hayward and a couple of future picks. Boston Celtics are more focused on the present year, and the 2020 pickups can be easily traded for that.

Utah Jazz

Utah Jazz

The Boston Celtics need someone who could support Aaron Baynes and also replace Al Horford. One name that comes to our mind is Derrick Favors from the team of Utah Jazz. It may be tough to convince the Utah Jazz team for a trade, as they won’t agree just for a simple exchange. If the Celtics give them Marcus Smart and a pick number below 23, a deal can be made.

Houston Rockets

Houston Rockets

Another team which is facing problems like the Celtics is none other than the Houston Rockets. They had to extend the contract of James Harden for $228 million, and now Chris Paul will leave the team. The Rockets are vulnerable and doesn’t have money left to retain their players. An exchange for Clint Capela can be made by giving out Marcus Smart and Aaron Baynes. It would also benefit Capela as the earlier team was getting too crowded for him.

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