The Portland Trail Blazers’ decision to extend Jerami Grant this summer may now be seen as a mistake due to Damian Lillard’s trade request. Consequently, it wouldn’t be surprising if the Blazers consider shopping Grant when the trade restrictions on his new contract are lifted. Here are three teams that could potentially benefit from acquiring him.

NBA Analysis 2023: Where will Jerami Grant end up if Lillard is traded away? Lakers, Atlanta Hawks, Sacremento Kings
If Damian Lillard is traded away, priorities at Portland may change drastically.

1) Jerami Grant Trade: Los Angeles Lakers

The Portland Trail Blazers may regret signing Jerami Grant if they decide to trade Damian Lillard and enter a rebuilding phase. Grant’s skill set is better suited for a contender like the Los Angeles Lakers, who will have LeBron James and Anthony Davis. Grant’s versatility as a defensive forward, ability to space the floor, and create his own shot make him an ideal fit for teams with championship aspirations. Acquiring Grant may come at a cost, potentially involving the Lakers trading Rui Hachimura and draft picks. If not, the Blazers will need to explore other options.

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Jerami Grant is a future player to monitor on the trade market, per @MikeAScotto

“Another trade candidate to monitor down the line will be Jerami Grant, who agreed to a five-year, $160 million deal with the Blazers before the team received word that Lillard wanted out of…
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2) Jerami Grant Trade: Atlanta Hawks

While calling the Atlanta Hawks contenders next year might be a bold claim, they will be in win-now mode. Trae Young’s stay with the team seems certain, and they have extended Dejounte Murray. With the departure of John Collins, the Hawks will need a replacement, and Jerami Grant would be a perfect addition to their forward line. The problem here is the Hawks’ ability to afford Grant is uncertain, as they lack draft capital. The Blazers may explore other options, potentially looking towards California for a potential deal.

NBA Analysis 2023: Where will Jerami Grant end up if Lillard is traded away? Lakers, Atlanta Hawks, Sacremento Kings

3) Jerami Grant Trade: Sacremento Kings

After ending their 16-year playoff drought, the Sacramento Kings cannot be satisfied with just a playoff appearance next season—they need to make a playoff run. While Keegan Murray shows promise in a similar role to Jerami Grant, expecting him to reach Grant’s level in his sophomore year is a high expectation. To bolster their chances of contending, the Kings should consider trading Murray to join his brother in Portland and acquiring Grant. The hope is that this move won’t lead to regret for the Kings.