Hailey Bieber Feels Fragile After Experiencing “Saddest, Hardest Moments” of Her Life

Hailey Baldwin Bieber took to her Instagram Story to discuss her mental and emotional health. She admitted that she has been struggling since the beginning of the year and has had some of the saddest and most challenging moments she has ever had in her adult life.

“And,” Hailey then acknowledged, “my mind and emotions have been fragile to say the least.”

Hailey, who has had to deal with issues such as a stroke and her husband Justin Bieber’s Ramsay Hunt syndrome, has been in the spotlight lately due to a controversy over her apparent shade of Selena Gomez. While Selena has deliberately avoided engaging in the drama or retaliating, fans have dug up Hailey’s history of odd behavior, leaving her in a “fragile” state.

Hailey’s Plea for Emotional Support

“I like to make jokes about how I feel because sometimes it’s easier than admitting I’m having a hard time,” Hailey began, explaining that she wants to be honest with her fans and followers. “I know so many other people feel the same way I feel. So, just know you’re not alone.”

“That being said, let’s keep being there for one another,” she then encouraged. “Let’s be there for loved ones and friends and family and strangers. Let’s just be there for people. Let’s keep showing up for each other even when it’s hard. We’re better together.”

Providing emotional support for others, especially loved ones, is lovely. But Hailey reminded everyone that the oxygen mask rule applies — be sure to attend to your own needs, or you’ll harm yourself and won’t be any good to others.

Her History of Odd Behavior

Hailey Baldwin Bieber has had a long history of odd behavior, particularly about Selena Gomez. She has been accused of mocking Selena on social media and getting a copycat tattoo similar to Selena’s tribute to her sister. While some fans have gone too far with death threats and harassment campaigns, it’s clear that Hailey’s actions have not gone unnoticed.

Selena’s Response

Selena Gomez has clarified that she does not want anyone going after her. She believes that death threats and harassment campaigns are entirely inappropriate.


Who is Hailey Baldwin Bieber?

Hailey Baldwin Bieber is a model and television personality. She is married to Canadian singer Justin Bieber.

What is Ramsay Hunt syndrome?

Ramsay Hunt syndrome is a viral infection that affects the facial nerve. It can cause paralysis on one side of the face, hearing loss, and other symptoms.

What is the oxygen mask rule?

The oxygen mask rule is a metaphor suggesting that you must take care of your own needs before you can help others. Just like on a plane, where you must put on your oxygen mask before you can help someone else, you must ensure you’re in a good place before providing emotional support to others.

Source: TheHollywoodGossip