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MLB free agency will end in about ten days and no deals can be made after the July 31 deadline. Even though there are trade waivers in the month of August, but new deals can be made after the deadline. Most of the MLB teams are making big changes in their line-ups and a lot of players will exchange teams. Here are the possible free agency deals for Nicholas Castellanos, Shane Greene, Sam Dyson, and Craig Kimbrel.

Nicholas Castellanos

MLB Trade News Free Agency Deals Nicholas Castellanos

The Chicago Cubs are a likely buyer for the Tigers star player Nicholas Castellanos in the free agency. The Cubs have a plan to use Castellanos as a regular right fielder and shift Jason Heyward to the center field. Nicholas Castellanos can also be paired up with Kyle Schwarber to replace Albert Almora. Even though the Tigers won’t deal Castellano so easily, they do need to clear their roster for the next season.

Shane Greene

MLB Trade News Free Agency Deals Shane Greene

Shane Green is a very decent pitcher and most of the MLB teams would be ready to have him without any second thoughts. The Washington Nationals could easily use someone such as Greene in their team. The Nationals have made it to the wild card spot and need to make a strong bullpen to reach further in the next MLB season. Greene can be paired up with Sean Doolittle and would be a perfect fit for the Washington team.

Sam Dyson

MLB Trade News Free Agency Deals Sam Dyson

Sam Dyson is an amazing right-hand pitcher who could also be signed by the Nationals along with Shane Greene. Washington team is in dire need of a better reliever and Dyson can portray the job with ease. Dyson is under team control, but the Nationals can easily persuade the Giants for a new deal.

Craig Kimbrel

MLB Trade News Free Agency Deals Craig Kimbrel

The Tampa Bay Rays are planning to fill their bullpen with rental players which can be easily traded in the next season. Craig Kimbrel is on the radar of Rays and an offer can be made soon. The Rays are looking for shorter contracts at a higher price, which is beneficial to Kimbrel too. It has always been the strategy of Tampa Bay and the same deal will be offered to Kimbrel soon.