MLB: San Francisco Giants Pablo Sandoval Deal

Pablo Sandoval, the star baseman from the team of San Francisco Giants team is in talks again for the free agency. There have been reports about the Giants getting calls from other MLB teams for a Sandoval deal. It is also said the Giants intend to sell Pablo before the free agency ends on July 31.

Sandoval has been doing great since the last season and he has also changed teams before. The Giants are planning to rebuild their team and for that, they need to let go off some of their expensive players. Here are how the demands for Pablo Sandoval has increased and possible deal options in the free agency.

Sandoval is back in Form

San Francisco Giants Pablo Sandoval Deal

During the year 2014, Pablo Sandoval left the Giants team to play for the team of Boston Red Socks. But things did not go as excepted and his performance went down. Hence, Pablo had returned to the San Francisco team and now he has made a strong comeback.

The 32-year-old had an average of .286/.324/.571 slash line with 10 home runs in a total of 73 games. Since 2011, Sandoval has hit a career-best of .895 OPS  and proved that he is still good with the ball. All the MLB teams have taken note of this and now want Pablo Sandoval to continue the same for them.

Club Options for Pablo Sandoval

San Francisco Giants Pablo Sandoval Deal

The only problem is that Pablo Sandoval is just making a base salary of $555,000 due to his complicated deal with the Red Socks. He signed a $90 million five year deal in 2014 and the Boston team is still paying for it. Sandoval has played for the first and third base and even knows how to pitch.

The Giants knows this as Pablo has been constantly hitting pinch homer to take his team for the win. Sandoval currently has a club option deal with the Giants and its rare that he will take a risk. Also, the Giants have no reason to move him out, but a lucrative offer might change that.