Sometimes, politicians take their power for granted and go about causing harm and real damage to their respective constituency rather than good.

Richard Nixon, Newt Gingrich and Roger Taney turned the three branches of government: Presidency, House of Representatives and Supreme Court, topsy-turvy respectively during their tenure as a leader. However, it takes real raw talent to do all of them: Mitch McConnell has managed to damage the entire democracy: the Presidency, the Senate, and the Supreme Court.

During the presidential elections to challenge Hillary Clinton’s strong campaign, American intelligence was tipped off Vladimir Putin’s planned attack on the United States. But, he refused to take any action and also obstructed them from taking any action. He also accused them of them of screwing the Republican nominee. Further, he condemned the American intelligence and warned to attack them and labelled their act to protect them as an act of bigoted politics instead of threatening the Russians.

Mitch McConnell has forever stained the presidency of now president Donald Trump by crashing the efforts of the American Intelligence against the vicious plots of Vladimir Putin. Noted media scholar has derived from these happenings that without the help of Russia, Donald Trump would not have won the Presidential elections. This puts Donald Trump’s credibility under question for he along with Mitch McConnell did not support our electoral system during the presidential elections, during a different attack.

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Mitch McConnell is also responsible for the damage caused in the Senate. He has not only refrained from meeting the Supreme Court Nominee of our former President Barack Obama, Judge Merrick Garland and bringing all his hearings to a halt but also, caused harm to the harmony and synchronization with the foundation of which a Senate functions.

It is fascinating to see how History repeats itself. As our former Democratic Majority Leader Harry Reid damaged the Senate by the procrastination of rulings and judgements in the lower court, and now, that Mitch McConnell is returning the favour when got hold of power.

Honestly, Reid was helpless to take such a decision in the lower court rulings affair because of Mitch McConnell’s constant abuse. McConnell appealed the 60-vote rule in order to stop all of Barack Obama’s nominees from entering the Senate. Prior to Barack Obama, all the other presidents blocked 86 nominations by the filibuster, but in his presidency, McConnell blocked 82 nominations and caused an irreversible damage to the Senate.

Not only did Donald Trump steal Garland’s seat, but Mitch McConnell brought in the nominations of infamous people like Brett Kavanaugh leading to the Supreme Court now having four justices who took hold of power after losing the popular vote, appointed by the President.

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The current Supreme Court with McConnell holding all the power is what we call a true partisan politics. The future can thank Mitch McConnell for their disappointment due to the damage caused to all of their constitutional rights.

When there are people setting up good examples of leaving behind a legacy, the Kentuckian stands alone and tall in setting up a bad legacy for destroying our national democracy.