We all make honest mistakes sometimes.

We are human, and we all are allowed to make mistakes. There is no way that any one of you could deny that you haven’t committed a mistake in your entire life. Didn’t you exchange tiffins at school? Or lost your way in a mall, and held another person’s hand think they were your parents.

Some people make mistakes only once, some make them twice and some repeat them often. Recently, a man shared an incident on Reddit about how a woman left her dog at his office thinking it was a dog daycare. Scroll down to read the entire story.

He worked at a pet-friendly office and there were barely any visitors there.

One day, a lady with a massive basset hound came rushing in, and he didn’t quite understand what she wanted.

He was extremely confused, so he just went with it.

Otis was well behaved and everyone loved him.

He now realised that she thinks this is a dog daycare. He decided to play along and got paid by the woman!

But that wasn’t the last time that office saw the lady. She came back next week!

However, the fun was shortlived as the lady finally found out that it was just an office.

She confronted the guy about lying to her, and he said that he just liked having Otis around.

And guess what? She continued to leave Otis with them even after that!

It was a happy ending for all of them.

It’s such a cute story! Everyone on Reddit loved it.

The guy revealed some more details about the lady who owned Otis.

It seems like she was enjoying herself too.

Zero fu*ks given.

I think everyone should live by this policy.

And this went on for over two years! What a lucky guy.