The Stranger Things Season 4 finale left fans at the edge of their seats, with Hawkins, Indiana, experiencing its deadliest and most dangerous moments yet. As our monster-fighting heroes had little time for simple pleasures, we couldn’t spot Eleven munching on her favorite food, waffles. However, in a recent interview, Millie Bobby Brown revealed that she doesn’t like waffles in real life. She opened up about how the crew accommodated her during the Eggo-based scenes.

What Did Millie Bobby Brown Say About Eating Waffles On Stranger Things?

Millie Bobby Brown, who plays Eleven on Stranger Things, had many scenes where her character enjoyed the toaster-cooked breakfast food, waffles. However, the actress doesn’t like waffles in real life, and it was revealed that the crew had to find a way to make the scenes work for her.

In a Wired interview, she shared, “No, I don’t [like waffles]. People think I do. But actually in Stranger Things, I had a little spit bucket next to me, and I’d spit into it. Because I couldn’t swallow the waffles because I’d gag.”

Why Did Millie Bobby Brown Dislike Eating Waffles on Set?

Although it’s unclear why Brown dislikes waffles so much, it’s a common challenge for actors to eat food repeatedly during filming. Even if the food is their character’s favorite, eating it for hours during repeated takes can lead to it being cold and disagreeable, causing discomfort and even nausea. Fortunately, the crew found a way to make it work for Brown, ensuring she didn’t have to ingest the food.

Will Eleven Continue to Eat Waffles on Stranger Things?

While it’s uncertain if Eleven will continue to enjoy her beloved waffles in the upcoming fifth and final season, it’s clear that Brown won’t have to eat them. Fans can’t wait to see what happens next in the Stranger Things saga as the show wraps up its final season.


Although Millie Bobby Brown doesn’t like waffles, the Stranger Things crew found a way to make the scenes work for her, ensuring her discomfort was minimized during filming. Fans eagerly anticipate the upcoming final season to see if Eleven will continue to enjoy her favorite breakfast food.

Frequently Asked Questions

Did Millie Bobby Brown dislike eating waffles on Stranger Things?

Yes, in a recent interview with Wired, Brown revealed that she does not actually like waffles despite her character Eleven’s love for breakfast food.

Why did Brown have a spit bucket on set?

Brown had a spit bucket next to her during scenes where she had to eat waffles on Stranger Things because she had difficulty swallowing them. Eating the same food repeatedly during multiple takes can cause discomfort and even nausea for actors.

Will Eleven continue to eat waffles on Stranger Things?

It’s uncertain if Eleven will continue to enjoy waffles in Stranger Things’ upcoming fifth and final season. However, Brown won’t have to eat them on set, as the crew has found a way to make the scenes work for her.

Why is it essential for the crew to accommodate actors’ needs on set?

Prioritizing actors’ comfort and well-being on set is crucial for creating a positive work environment and ensuring they can perform best. The crew’s efforts to accommodate Brown during scenes involving waffles on Stranger Things highlight the importance of working collaboratively to create a successful show.

Source: CinemaBlend