Millie Bobby Brown’s Vision for Her Future in Hollywood: Directing!

Millie Bobby Brown, celebrated for her role as Eleven in the worldwide Netflix sensation, “Stranger Things,” is no stranger to branching out and exploring new ventures. With her recent foray into literature through the release of her book “Nineteen Steps,” inspired by her family’s real experiences during World War II, she’s shown that she’s more than just a talented actress. And now, Millie has expressed her aspirations to further diversify her portfolio in the film industry.

Trading the Spotlight for the Director’s Chair

While “Stranger Things” awaits its return amidst industry strikes, Millie has been avidly promoting her novel across different platforms. One such promotional event at Symphony Space in New York City brought forth a captivating revelation. Millie confided in her audience about her passion for directing and her vision for her own future in the industry.

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Stranger Things Star Millie Bobby Brown's New Ambition: Swapping Acting for Directing?

In her conversation with Decider, she candidly expressed, “I would be interested in that [directing]. I’m a bossy girl!” Her jovial tone masked the seriousness of her statement as she further added, “I’ve always been really interested in directing. But, you know, I have time – I’m just 19.”

From Writing to Filmmaking – A Seamless Transition

Though the idea of Millie stepping behind the camera might be fresh news to many, those closely following her journey aren’t completely taken by surprise. The young starlet has already dabbled in filmmaking, directing a short film in partnership with Samsung. Remarkably, the entire film was shot using the Galaxy S22 Ultra’s Nightography features.

The film isn’t just a visual treat. It’s a reflection of Millie’s poetic prowess, featuring an original poem she penned down and performed. Through its verses and visuals, the film narrates the journey of a young girl, evolving and discovering the inherent resilience within her.

A Star with Multifaceted Talents

Millie Bobby Brown’s announcement of her interest in directing is just another testament to her versatility. Whether it’s her iconic role in “Stranger Things,” her moving tales of love and loss in “Nineteen Steps,” or her cinematic ventures with Samsung, Millie continues to surprise and inspire her fans across the globe.

While the world awaits her next move, one thing’s for certain: wherever she goes, Millie Bobby Brown is bound to make a significant impact. And given her track record, her journey into the realm of directing will undoubtedly be one to watch.