Melania Trump Donald Trump

Melanie Trump decided to join husband Donald Trump on the first day of their official UK visit. A fashion psychologist has something to say about her white and blue outfit and the message that she is trying to give.

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Melania Trump met with the royal family where she changed her outfit twice

It has been an exhausting day for Melanie Trump who met the Queen and had tea with Camilla and Prince Charles at Clarence House to mark the 75th anniversary of D-Day.  She changed her outfit from the one she wore on board Air Force. Melania changed into a pristine white dress coat with pointed navy collar, long sleeves and a matching belt with a hat.

Melania Trump Donald Trump

The fashion psychologist and CEO of Fashion Psychology Success Dawnn Karen talk about the message that Melania is trying to send everyone with her eye-catching outfit.

She’s in a power-adjacent position, and like most women in that position she must dress to balance their masculine counterpart.

Donald Trump belittled Sadiq Khan (the Mayor of London) and Meghan Markle (the Duchess of Sussex) with his opinionated remarks. But the First Lady Melania wanted to balance it out without being vocal. Melania’s white dress coat symbolizes integrity. Alongside the President, she also wants to convey a message.

Melania Trump Donald Trump
Credits: The Independent

The color blue is a hint for trust. Melania’s message of trust and integrity is to offset the remarks made by his husband Donald Trump. The hat further serves as armor. So here’s what the fashion psychologist has to say about Melania’s outfit and the message that she wants to send.