MasterChef UK, the longest-running program on BBC and one of the most popular culinary competitions on television, is set to return for its nineteenth season. Gregg Wallace and John Torode are back as judges, ready to taste and critique the dishes cooked by 45 amateur cooks. The show will run for eight weeks, with one of the contestants being crowned the MasterChef champion of 2023.

Who Will Compete in Masterchef UK Season 19 Episode 1?

The BBC has not confirmed the identities of this year’s hopefuls, but typically, the show begins with 45 contenders. The first group of contestants will be seen preparing a favorite family dish in the series’ first episode.

Meet the Judges of Masterchef UK Season 19

Gregg Wallace

Gregg Wallace, a former greengrocer at Covent Garden, is a popular television personality hosting MasterChef, Celebrity MasterChef, and MasterChef: The Professionals for a long time. He also hosted the first season of Saturday Kitchen in 2002.

John Torode

John Torode is an Australian chef known for introducing Australian cuisine to the UK in the 1990s. He established Smiths of Smithfield and The Luxe eateries in London and has been hosting John and Lisa’s Saturday Kitchen with Lisa Faulkner, his wife, since 2005. He has also hosted MasterChef and Celebrity MasterChef.

Who is Narrating Masterchef UK Season 19 Episode 1?

India Fisher, a British actor, has been the narrator for MasterChef UK since it was resurrected in 2005. She is well-known for providing voices for several audio dramas, including Big Finish’s Doctor Who series, Ghosts of Albion, and Elephants to Catch Eels. She has also appeared on screen in Dead Ringers, Peep Show, and The Dumping Ground for CBBC.

What Do the Judges Say About the Contenders in Masterchef UK Season 19 Episode 1?

John Torode said,

“There are some fantastic stories in the works. The people I find fascinating are those whose inspiration shifts once they nail their look and take off. This series shows ingredients that people might have yet to utilize, such as gochujang and chili sauce.”

Gregg Wallace added,

“I frequently question whether we’ve researched their pasts to determine if they’ve received professional training. Of course, they haven’t yet, but I’m still in awe of how self-taught individuals can master such a high level of home cooking.”

Who Was the Winner Last Season?

Eddie Scott, a maritime pilot from the Midlands, won the MasterChef title in 2022. Eddie impressed John and Gregg with his traditional French cooking methods, which he combined with ideas from India, the country of his grandparents.

John stated, “Eddie is the height of a culinary powerhouse. We have taken notice of his love of traditional French cuisine mixed with Indian spices. He doesn’t choose the safe route; he is bold and adventurous.” Gregg added, “We have just witnessed the very beginning of a phenomenal chef’s career. From the time he entered this kitchen, Eddie made an impression. He hasn’t misstepped at all during the competition.”

How to Watch Masterchef UK Season 19 Episode 1?

Masterchef UK Season 19 Episode 1 can be watched on BBC One in the UK. However, for those who prefer to watch online, the show can be streamed on BBC iPlayer.

For viewers outside the UK, the show can be watched on BBC Studios’ streaming service, BBC First, available in several countries, including Australia, Belgium, the Netherlands, and South Africa.

Fans in the United States can stream the show on the streaming platform Hulu, which offers the latest episodes of Masterchef UK as they become available.


What is Masterchef UK?

Masterchef UK is a cooking competition reality show that first premiered on BBC in 1990. The show is currently on its 19th season and is one of the most popular cooking shows in the world.

Who are the judges of Masterchef UK Season 19?

The judges of Masterchef UK Season 19 are Gregg Wallace and John Torode. They have been the judges on the show since it was revived in 2005.

Who won Masterchef UK Season 18?

Eddie Scott won Masterchef UK Season 18. Eddie is a maritime pilot from the Midlands who impressed the judges with his traditional French cooking methods combined with ideas from India.

When will Masterchef UK Season 19 Episode 1 be released?

Masterchef UK Season 19 Episode 1 will be released on April 10, 2023, at 8 pm GMT on BBC One in the UK.

Where can I watch Masterchef UK Season 19 Episode 1 online?

Masterchef UK Season 19 Episode 1 can be watched online on BBC iPlayer for viewers in the UK and on BBC First for viewers outside the UK in countries such as Australia, Belgium, and the Netherlands. In the United States, the show can be streamed on Hulu.


The 19th season of Masterchef UK is highly anticipated, and fans can’t wait to see what new challenges and contestants the show has in store for them. With its two expert judges and a new batch of amateur cooks, this season promises to be as exciting as the previous ones. Be sure to mark your calendars for April 10 and tune in to BBC One to catch the premiere episode of Masterchef UK Season 19.