Margot Robbie is one actress who doesn’t shy away from going nude on screen. She has even insisted on having naked scenes in a movie. However, she has had a problem with actors who refused to disrobe in scenes they should’ve been nude in.

Margot Robbie ‘felt embarrassed’ going nude in an iconic scene in The Wolf of Wall Street

Margot Robbie famous nude scene
Margot Robbie and Leonardo Di Caprio

Margot Robbie and Leonardo Di Caprio’s provocative scene in The Wolf of Wall Street is well-known among fans. This is the scene where Robbie’s character tries to seduce her co-star. Although many consider it a memorable take, Robbie considered the scene embarrassing.

She told Porter

“It doesn’t come across when you’re watching the movie, but in reality, we’re in a tiny bedroom with 30 crew crammed in.”

She further explained why she felt embarrassed saying,

“All men. And for 17 hours I’m pretending to be touching myself. It’s just a very weird thing and you have to bury the embarrassment and absurdity, really deep, and fully commit.”

Fortunately for Robbie, the cast and crew helped put her at ease during these kinds of scenes.

Robbie told Grazia,

“It was intimidating leading up to it knowing that I had to do it but when you get to the day, it’s your job and the sooner you get it done the sooner you can get your clothes back on.”

She revealed what calmed her down and helped her get the shoot done saying,

“Everyone is really great about it and approaches it very professionally, making it as easy and comfortable as they can. It’s not new to anyone on a film set, so for me it was intimidating but for everyone else it was just another day at the office.”

Disrobing for The Wolf of Wall Street was a choice

Margot Robbie wasn’t required to disrobe for the iconic provocative scenes in The Wolf of Wall Street. It was rather her own choice. In an interview with The Telegraph, the Australian actress described why she chose to go nude for the film. Initially, she hesitated when she read about that part in the movie’s script.

 Margot Robbie Describes Shooting the Famous N*de Scene
Margot Robbie’s family reacted sharply to her nude scene

Robbie recalled,

“Although my manager told me, ‘If there’s ever going to be a time for nudity, this is the director you do it with.”

Robbie was however sold on the role and decided to do it even with the nudity involved. She explained,

“The whole point of Naomi is that her body is her only form of currency in this world. So when Marty was trying to help me out, and said in the scene where she seduces Jordan perhaps I could have a robe on, I said she wouldn’t. She has to be naked. She’s laying her cards on the table.”

Robbie found it disgusting when other actors didn’t fully disrobe for nude scenes
Robbie also shared her take on other actors who cover up during scenes they should be nude in. She believed that under certain circumstances, it makes more sense to fully commit. Robbie said,

“I think nudity for the sake of nudity is shameful. If they’ve put it in just so that a girl gets her top off, then that’s disgusting. And you can always tell.”

She continued.

“But I also think it’s disgusting when someone would have got naked in real life, in the film they conveniently leave their bra on, or hold up the bedsheet. Seeing someone being choreographed into being covered up irritates me just as much.”

Robbie believes some nude scenes ‘feel empowering’

Margot Robbie never shies away from doing naked scenes in her movies. Robbie feels nude scenes can offer a sense of strength for the actor. In an interview with Yahoo, Robbie once again brought up her nude scenes in The Wolf of Wall Street.

She said,

“If I see it in a character that is using it as a weapon, or a tool or doing it intentionally, like in Wolf of Wall Street, she’s wearing a short dress for a reason, it’s her currency and knows she’s going to get her own, that feels empowering. When it’s used in a way where there isn’t that level of self-awareness.”