A man was mocked online when his grand display against Jack Daniel’s backfired.

After learning about the connection with RuPaul’s Drag queen, Pauly Michaelis of New Jersey filmed a video of himself burning hundreds of dollars worth of the brand’s memorabilia and drinks.

The video, first shared on Facebook and re-posted on Twitter, shows the self-proclaimed anti-woker walking out of his house holding anything from JD glasses to whisky bottles and randomly expressing his waning love for the company.

“As you all know, I’m the biggest advocate and supporter of Jack Daniel’s whiskey and have been for 40 years of my life, if not more,” he says to the camera. “Here’s the deal. You went woke. So, here’s what I got for you guys.”

He then tosses part of his merchandise into a trash container and the rest into a fire pit.

“F*** your woke-a** company,” he then adds before setting it alight.

In a truly angry manner, he raises two middle fingers to the camera in order to truly teach the brand a lesson.

Along with the video, he posted a caption in which he stated that the brand will “never have the honor of touching [his] lips again.”

Jack Daniel's memorabilia

Along with the video, he posted a caption in which he stated that the brand will “never have the honor of touching [his] lips again.”

“For those of you who know me well my drink has always been Jack Daniels,” Michaelis wrote. “For over 150 years since 1866 this drink was always associated with cowboys, warriors, bikers, savage rock bands and all American badass people.”

“THEY WENT WOKE,” he added, followed by a middle-finger emoji.

If you post things like that online, don’t expect the internet to be kind to you.

Jack Daniel's memorabilia
Retweeting the video, user @Imposter_Edits remarked, “Another fragile redneck destroying his things because he got triggered by an advertising campaign.”
Thousands of people joined in on the discussion.

“These are hilarious. Next thing they’ll be shooting in the air and going underground because they saw a rainbow in the sky,” wrote one user while another added: “You go Jim Bob Billy Bob and your bib & brace overalls. Don’t forget to feed your hogs and tuck them in. Especially that pretty one…”

A third even said that JD would support his decision!

Jack Daniel’s

The most awkward aspect of this whole situation (apart from the denim dungarees, of course) was that this man appeared to be utterly oblivious that this campaign was actually from 2021, thus for two years, he’s been drinking the drink, completely unaware that they “went woke.”

Big yikes.

The famed Tennessee whisky business collaborated with three RuPaul’s Drag Race performers for the commercial. Drag queens Manila Luzon, Bebe Zahara Benet, and Trinity the Tuck participated in the three-part Drag Queen Summer Glamp series, which Jack Daniels’ Tennessee Fire sponsored.

The plot revolved around the queens celebrating Pride Month with Southern BBQ and the legendary Jack Daniel’s whisky.

Who knew a group of people in huge gowns and big hair could make you act so irrationally? And sober as well? Come on, people.

Time to grow up.