Michael Roylos, 63 from Maine has been charged with assault after he attacked a woman and called out homophobic slurs in a supermarket parking lot. The entire incident happened in Shaw’s grocery store in Portland, Maine, where the man attacked the woman over some parking issues.


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The victim has come out as 38-year-old Alana Reali, who shared the whole incident on her Facebook page, where Roylos attacked her physically and called her a f*ggot. Reali has said that she was parking her car at the Shaw’s supermarket between two trucks when she noticed Roylos outside her car, who accused her of reckless driving.

Alana Reali was saved and taken to Hospital

As she started walking towards the store, Roylos called out threats on her, and she asked him to leave her alone. It was then he started calling her homophobic slurs and hence she returned to her car and take her mobile to take photos when Roylos lunged at her and the attack started.

He attacked me after calling me a ‘f**king f*ggot’ put me in a chokehold and started punching me in the back of the head. Thankfully there were people there as I was screaming bloody murder.

The bystanders helped Reali and she broke free from Roylos’ choke and fell to the ground. The police arrived on the scene, where the victim was taken to Maine Medical Center and treated for multiple injuries. Reali was released on Friday and has stated that her whole body hurts, where the ankle is the worst.

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We’re learning more about an assault in Portland. A business owner is now facing charges - accused of assaulting a member of Portland’s LGBTQ community in a grocery store parking lot. She calls the attack ‘homophobic.’ @WMTWTV
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Michael Roylos have been Caught and Charge with Felony Assault

The Portland Police have arrested Michael Roylos with aggravated assault, assault, criminal threatening, and interference with constitutional and civil rights. It is now updated that the criminal counts of Roylos have now been upgraded to felony assault.