Pet grooming is very essential from time to time. Sometimes haircuts are quite boring, but it’s a chore that needs to be done!

These pet owners took it to the next level by making their dogs have human-like Haircuts.

Now, We can’t stop laughing. The haircut adds new layers to their personalities. We have compiled here some adorable and pretty pictures of pups with their new human-like haircuts, do take a look!

The Happiest Chonker

cut dog


This fluffy chia pet has been transformed. She has a perfectly round head and couldn’t be more satisfied with it.

So Pure, So Sweet

Her mommy fixed her hair and she looks adorable.

You Can’t Sit With Us

Those Are Good Bangs

Here’s how you do bangs at home right.

Let Me Ask You, Girl

cut hair

It looks like this dog is about to ask you to prom.

This Real?

This doesn’t look real but it indeed is.

Check Out These Curls

I’m not sure if the curls coming out of the spout are natural or not but either way, they are perfect.

Thanks, Karen

cut hair 3

She’s Got Style

Have you ever seen a hairstyle like this?

What A Man


Not many men can pull off a look like this. Am I right guys?

Nothing Can Stop Her

This little lady is going places. Such color, such shape, such personality. She has everything and more, and she’s probably only a year or two!

Wear It With Pride

This Poodle has extraordinary locks.

These Piggies Are Perfect

This dog might have the prettiest ears in the world, and that’s saying a lot.

That’s How You Braid

I Can Hear The Bells


Make This An Album Cover

Meet Alice

Alice is a nice gal but tends to scare off the other dogs with her unique style.

Too Cool For School

When You Cut Your Own Bangs

No One Is Cuter

no one cute

Is that you Daisy?

Have you ever seen a more cute little puppy? This little gal may be the cutest of them all and she’s not even trying. She was sweet before her new hairdo. But now, no one can compete with pigtails on a miniature pup.

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