The world is your blank canvas; you can paint it however you like. Street artist Sergio Odeith strictly lives by this. Throughout his years as an artist, he has repeatedly proved that he does not live in a box. Sergio is a master at anamorphic arts. It is a distorted projection. The art requires the viewer to occupy a specific vantage point, use special devices, or both to view a recognizable image. It is used in painting, photography, sculpture and installation, toys, and film special effects. Sergio has implemented this art form and is best known for his giant 3D insect murals.

Still killing it at 43, Sergio was born in 1976 in Damia (Portugal). In the 1980s, he picked up a spray can for the first time and painted some signatures and doodles on his neighborhood walls. Fast forward to the mid-1990s, Sergio was hard at graffiti. His subjects include realistically painted insects people, birds, wild animals, reptiles, and more. He calls it – Somber 3D. In 2008, he closed his tattoo shop (opened in 1999), moved to London, and currently resides in Lisbon.

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Sergio Odeith transforms simple areas into wonderful 3D wonders

Sergio can go all day talking about his resume and he still wouldn’t finish it. However, there’s one special piece of work that is making rounds on social media. The artist posted a photo of a concrete block saying “What do you think is going to be painted this time?” His followers knew what the incredibly talented guy was up to. Severa guessed it would be a mantis or a snake, but one user got hit the jackpot. The followers figured out it was a BUS.

Originally, however, Sergio had not planned to turn the empty area into a bus. He woke up from a nap with the idea of turning the concrete block into an abandoned bus. But the gorgeous piece of art did not come in a jiffy. He took 10 hours to complete and consumed around 30 cans of spray paint. His followers always make sure to make his content viral and the social media platform is always obsessing over his skills. This particular post might seem old but it goes well in accordance with his recent work that is surely turning heads.