After weeks of teasing and anticipation, One Piece fans have finally witnessed a groundbreaking moment: Luffy’s Gear 5th Transformation. But wait, there’s a twist that adds a whole new layer to this epic event! In a clever move by the anime adaptation, Nami, one of Luffy’s closest allies, takes on a more significant role during this monumental transformation.

An Unexpected Twist: Nami’s Vital Role in Luffy’s Gear 5th Transformation

Luffy's Gear 5th

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The hype surrounding Luffy’s Gear 5th Transformation has been off the charts ever since its manga debut in March 2022. Fans were eager to catch a glimpse of this highly anticipated power-up, and the anime previews didn’t disappoint. Yet, episode #1070 managed to sneak in a surprise not found in the original manga.

The scene unfolds with Luffy seemingly lifeless atop Onigashima’s Skull Dome, recovering from a brutal assault by the formidable Kaido. As the dust settles, Kaido’s menacing Dragon form takes the stage, proclaiming his triumph.

Nami and Luffy

Amidst the chaos, Nami steps forward, confronting the imposing creature with a fiery determination. Just when it seems like Kaido’s about to strike, a timely intervention by Marco the Phoenix saves Nami from certain doom.

Drums of Liberation: How Nami’s Voice Sparks Luffy’s Incredible Evolution

Luffy's Gear 5th Transformation

Here comes the twist. Episode #1070 introduces an anime-exclusive scene that adds depth to Nami’s role. In a heartfelt moment, Nami calls out to Luffy, her voice carrying a blend of urgency and unwavering belief. “Luffy, I know you can hear me! Keep your word as always!” These words resonate, and in a stunning turn of events, Luffy’s heartbeat makes a triumphant return, triggering the remarkable “Drums of Liberation” transformation.

However, the anime takes a creative detour by linking the drums’ rhythm to Nami’s impassioned plea. This alteration emphasizes Nami’s pivotal role and deepens the emotional connection between her and Luffy.


Nami’s significance stretches back to her earliest interactions with Luffy. A flashback to a pivotal moment showcases Luffy placing his iconic hat on Nami’s head, promising to rescue her from the clutches of Arlong. This act of unwavering support cements Nami’s trust in Luffy and marks the beginning of her journey alongside the Straw Hat crew.

Fast-forward to the present and Nami’s unshakable faith in Luffy remains unaltered. Despite numerous encounters with Kaido’s might, Nami holds firm in her belief that Luffy will honor his commitment to bring down this formidable adversary. The anime’s tweak to the narrative enriched this bond, infusing the transformation with a sense of camaraderie and shared determination.

The Anticipation Continues: Luffy’s Gear 5th Transformation Unleashed

As the One Piece anime barrels toward episode #1071, fans are on the edge of their seats. With the stage set and the momentum building, the highly anticipated Luffy’s Gear 5th Transformation is poised to dazzle and captivate. Luffy’s evolution, combined with Nami’s unexpected yet pivotal role, promises a spectacle that will leave fans cheering.