The Arrival

In episode six of Lucky Hank, titled “The Arrival,” Hank waits for William to arrive outside Taylor Manor, where his mother lives. The big question in this episode of Lucky Hank is whether Hank will confront the ghosts of his past and seek closure so he can start caring again.

Plot Summary

Lily and Hank’s relationship

Things between Lily and Hank seem to be back to normal on the surface, but Julie and Russell are having marital problems, and Julie has spent the night in her old bedroom. Laurel shows up at the house, furious with Hank for leaving William a voicemail asking him not to come. William only agrees to stay if Hank apologizes and comes to the house. However, Hank cites the Regional Humanities Conference as his preoccupation and texts Toni to pick him up.

The Humanities Conference

Hank spends much time alone at the conference, making fun of academics who care too much about their work. He spots Anna Wood in the crowd and follows her to the bar. At first, it seems like he wants to get back at Lily subconsciously and sleep with her. Toni dissuades him, saying he will regret it later, but Hank wants something else, which we see later in the episode.

Grace is also at the conference, and seeing her lively debate with another scholar, Hank gets a mix of envy and pity. He spends the day in the games room and misses Toni’s presentation. Toni is heartbroken since it did not go well, and he and Hank fight. Hank wanted to approach Anna to ask about his father, William’s student at Columbia.

William’s illness

Lily tries to mediate Julie and Russell’s marital problems, but they turn against her and accuse Lily of moving to New York to get away from Hank. As they start discussing New York, Hank says he must visit his father before he leaves. When Hank finally talks to William, he finds it difficult to get closure. William’s attitude seems indifferent and cold-hearted, and he even refers to his son in the third person. That is when Hank starts realizing something is wrong. William is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, and Hank breaks down crying.

Episode Review

Episode 6 of Lucky Hank is the most emotionally jarring episode truth about Hank’s father came as a shock, and it’s difficult to tell if Hank was more perturbed by this than his father having Alzheimer’s. All the questions about his past that have eaten him up will remain unanswered, as they did in this episode. The final scene is heartbreaking, and whether this will galvanize Hank into “caring” again is unclear.


What is Lucky Hank?

Lucky Hank is a TV show about a successful man who goes through a mid-life crisis and moves back to his hometown.

Who is Hank?

Hank is the show’s main character, Lucky Hank, a successful man who moves back to his hometown.

What is Alzheimer’s?

Alzheimer’s is a disease that causes a decline in cognitive function and memory loss.