The latest NBA rumours suggest that the Los Angeles Lakers are looking for a skilled member to partner with their star player, LeBron James.

The 34-year-old is at the top of his game this season, but he cannot win the games alone. As the offseason period encroaches, the Lakers are expected to employ aggressive tactics to hire skilled players for the team.

Hard to find someone to partner with LeBron James

One of the most significant disadvantages of being the best at the game is finding a partner. No matter what the NBA says, it is clear that the Lakers are grappling with staying afloat. Complementing the stardom and skills of LeBron James is going to be a challenge for the team.

But that’s not all. Finding athletes eager to work alongside the “greatest player in the history of the game” is going to be a struggle in and of itself. It is easy to be forgotten under the shadow of the basketball legend.

Magic Johnson may get fired

The Lakers have some time to complete the recruiting process before next season picks up. Johnson, president of the basketball operations, is under the crunch to choose a player soon; otherwise, rumours of him getting replaced might just come true.

Lakers need to find LeBron James a partner

If the Lakers do not find a partner for him, LeBron James will have to carry the team on his own, and that has not worked out well in the past. The team might just lose the championship even with a distinguished player on their side.