Leaked Uber Employee Survey shows what it’s really like to Work at the Company Ahead of its Massive IPO


Uber, the ride hailing company has recently conducted an employee survey which is often conducted by the company on half yearly basis.

Uber-the company

The ride hailing services from Uber as well as other such companies have been a life changer for  millions of people around the world but Uber has also been embroiled in drama which have been because of accusations of sexual harassment along with other unsavory practices of business under the CEO of the company Travis Kalanick.

This was a result from his ouster in the year 2017.

Apart from this the self driving car of Uber had killed a pedestrian in 2017 which took place under the current CEO of the company, Dara Khosrowshahi.

The current CEO of the company, Dara Khosrowshahi, since the time he took his post in 2017 has been working on the culture of the company, overhauling it. Khosrowshahi has been very open about accepting the mistakes of the company.

He has been accepting the mistakes of the company at least to the employees if not in public.

Dara Khosrowshahi, the CEO of Uber

Source: CNBC

The survey conducted by Uber

According to Business Insider, it has seen a copy of the latest employee survey which was conducted by the company. The survey is conducted by the company on half yearly basis.

The best part about this survey is that the company is asking questions to its employees on issues such as their comfort level on speaking up regarding the ethical violations without any fear of retaliation.

To the above question in the survey, according to Business Insider, 71 percent of the employees had stated that yes they can speak about the ethical violations of the company.

Uber conducts employee survey on half yearly basis

Source: Talent Map

According to the survey, most of the employees of the company were optimistic about the future of the company. In the past few months, the company has worked hard about how its employees felt and the results are noticeable.

However, on the contrary, many employees also felt that they are being paid poorly when compared to their peers in the Silicon Valley.

Moreover, many employees are not convinced with the part that the ride hailing company, Uber offers them any opportunities that would act as a strong reason to keep them around.

The employee survey conducted by Uber is on a three way scale: positive, neutral and negative.

The company has recently shared the percentage of all the positive responses.

Sources: Business Insider, Metals News

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