The Golden State Warriors’ forward and guard Klay Thompson is set to extend with the team very soon, but it has been said that the process is going to be a bit slow. The Warriors were not so active in the transfer window this offseason and were trying to make some minimal changes to their roster. They had their targets set, and now they are also talking to their own players who are due for contract extension.

The Warriors won a title in 2022, and one would not have expected that they would come so close to the title in the following year as well. The Warriors lost to the Lakers in the second round of the playoffs and that is what ignited the fire for making some alterations to their squad. They would be in contention for another title in the upcoming season as well. Will they make more trades or focus on extending their stars? Here is all the information you need about the situation between the Golden State Warriors and Klay Thompson.

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Klay Thompson, Klay Thompson Contract Talks With Warriors Is Going To Be A Slow Process
The Warriors will soon extend Klay Thompson

Klay Thompson: Current situation with the Warriors

The Warriors want to keep their guard and are likely to hand him the extension in the upcoming days. The player is in the last year of his contract and will become a free agent at the end of the next season. The Warriors are expected to offer him another four-year-long contract, but would they do it now or wait for the season to end?

ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne alluded on the Lowe podcast that the Klay Thompson contract could be similar to what “Draymond Green signed, which was a four-year deal.” For the uninitiated, Green agreed to a $100 million deal when he was a free agent last year.

Shelburne also revealed in the podcast:

Thompson have “exchanged proposals.” Despite that, it remains a “slow process” and that the 33 year-old needs to have a “great year this year and he’s becomes more valuable if he does.”

How did Klay Thompson perform last season?

The 33-year-old played 69 games for the Warriors last season and averaged 21.2 points, 2.4 assists and 4.1 rebounds per game while shooting 41.2 percent from beyond the arc. The player feels that he could have done better, and he prefers to stay with the Warriors and work on himself.

What the management has to say about Klay Thompson?

The two parties have exchanged the offers, and initial talks have begun. Concrete discussions are scheduled for later. Both the player and the team want to stay together for long.

Will the Warriors extend their star, or will they trade him? An extension is on the cards, but when will it actually happen? We’ll keep you updated.