Kevin Costner, the renowned actor celebrated for his many cinematic achievements, is facing claims from his estranged wife, Christine Baumgartner, that he disclosed their forthcoming divorce to their three children over a 10-minute Zoom call. The stunning specifics of this non-traditional separation announcement have come to light in court documents recently obtained by People.

Unconventional Announcement: Las Vegas to Divorce Through Zoom

According to the details within the court document, the unusual event transpired while Kevin Costner was in a hotel room in Las Vegas.

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“Kevin took it upon himself to inform our three children about our imminent divorce over a Zoom call that lasted merely 10 minutes,” Baumgartner disclosed.

Her remarks reveal her profound bewilderment at Costner’s choice to convey such life-changing news through a brief virtual meeting, particularly considering his scheduled return home just five days later.

The Las Vegas hotel backdrop, the brevity of the call, and the weighty content of the message combine to paint a startling picture that has left Baumgartner questioning Costner’s motivations.

The Divorce Revelation: Baumgartner’s Perspective and Concerns

Baumgartner, a designer of handbags and a dedicated mother, expressed distress and confusion over how this critical news was disclosed. The Bodyguard star’s delivery method was met with criticism and concern, as she believed he should have waited to present the news face-to-face.

Her position was clear; she had previously informed Costner of her intention to break the divorce news to their children together in person. She has always put her children’s well-being and emotional stability as her utmost priority, thus emphasizing the significance of this approach.

The Risk of External Disclosures

Her apprehensions didn’t end there. Baumgartner further voiced her concerns about the possibility of their children learning about the split from an external source. Her proposition to disclose the news jointly was allegedly dismissed by Costner. According to Baumgartner, he insisted on his prerogative to tell the children “first” and in private.

Representatives for Kevin Costner have yet to provide their comments on these recent accusations.

Accusations and Rebuttals

Meanwhile, a source close to the star of Yellowstone revealed to People that Baumgartner initiated the divorce filing in May while Kevin Costner was occupied with filming. The source also mentioned that the actor frequently stays connected with his children via FaceTime when work takes him away.

These revelations serve as the newest installment in what appears to be an increasingly bitter divorce proceeding between the pair.

The Financial Implications: Child Support and Lifestyle Maintenance

Recently, Baumgartner filed a court request seeking $248,000 per month in child support for their three children: Cayden Wyatt, 16, Hayes Logan, 14, and Grace Avery, 13. Baumgartner contends that this requested amount is “less than the amount required to maintain the children’s accustomed lifestyle.”

In response to her request, the financial data for Kevin Costner for the year 2022 was unveiled, revealing an after-tax net income of approximately $7.6 million. Costner had previously expressed a desire to keep his financial records confidential, citing concerns about potential fraudulent activity, the threat of burglary, and adverse media attention.

Abrupt End to a Long-standing Union

Baumgartner initiated the marriage’s termination, with “irreconcilable differences” cited as the reason for the split. Kevin Costner, however, was allegedly caught off guard when the divorce proceedings were set in motion.

Sources close to the situation disclosed that the Dances with Wolves star was “stunned” by the sudden turn of events and found the separation “disappointing.” In addition, they vehemently denied any allegations of infidelity, affirming that there was “no issue of cheating at all” between Costner and Baumgartner, regardless of past rumors surrounding Kevin Costner’s fidelity.

As each new development unfolds, the Costner-Baumgartner split continues to command public attention and speculation, creating ripples in the entertainment world.

Source: PageSix