Kang the Conqueror, as played by John Boyega, would be fantastic.

Jonathan Majors has had a difficult couple of days after becoming embroiled in a horrifying controversy threatening his burgeoning acting career. On Saturday, the 33-year-old star was arrested in New York following a claimed domestic fight with his partner, an event that made headlines nationwide.

John Boyega can replace Jonathan Majors

Naturally, the actor’s admirers were shocked to learn about the event and the allegations against him. The whole thing also generated a lot of questions and worries about his future in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Many think that if authorities obtain significant proof proving his wrongdoing, his part in the superhero franchise will come to an end.

Majors’ MCU job is clearly in jeopardy right now, and it appears possible that Marvel Studios will recast the actor, particularly if his girlfriend’s original claims are proven. Fans have started the #RecastKang campaign on Twitter, and Star Wars alumnus John Boyega is at the top of their list of possible performers who could play the Multiverse Saga’s major bad going forward.

Boyega has long been on fans’ wish lists for MCU casting, and if the studio decides to fire Majors due to his scandals, many believe the Finn star would be an acceptable substitute.

Marvel has yet to issue a comment addressing the controversy, but Majors is also a part of Loki’s second season, which is set to debut later this year.

Disney has a history of firing workers who have been engaged in their own scandals, most notably director James Gunn in 2018 and The Mandalorian actress Gina Carano in 2021, though the former was lucky enough to be reinstated.