James Fox, the creator of the famous UFO documentary “Moment of Contact,” shared a terrifying UFO story with Joe Rogan that would leave anyone sleepless at night. The story covers the Varginha UFO incident in Brazil in 1996, sometimes called “The Roswell of Brazil” or “Brazil’s Roswell.”

The Varginha UFO Incident

The 1996 incident allegedly involved creatures best described as demonic and a UFO in Varginha, Brazil. Some believe Brazilian authorities successfully captured the creatures/aliens. That has never been proven and likely never would be, even if it was real. Some reporting indicates what people believed were aliens were just a pair of people with dwarfism at a hospital expecting a baby, according to some ancient reports.

Nobody knows what happened, but the alleged details are horrifying.

James Fox’s Story

During his conversation with Joe Rogan, Fox painted a picture that is nothing short of absolutely horrifying. Fox alleges one of the creatures was “crouched” by a wall and “screeched” out to some young women in the area. The creature allegedly communicated to one of the young Brazilian women “please help me” because “it’s weak, it’s feeble and it’s scared,” Fox explained to a truly stunned Joe Rogan.

Fox also claims “the smell of the unknown creatures was overwhelming and stayed with people for an extended period of time.”

The witnesses were also allegedly pressured by unknown men to take a suitcase of money and go elsewhere to start over.

‘You guys have no idea. I think an alien spaceship crashed and they recovered live aliens and we made contact and the Americans came in.’ That’s what I’m thinking about,” the documentarian filmmaker further explained to Joe Rogan when talking about how people reacted when he returned from Brazil after doing his research.

Watch the Exchange Below

You can watch the full exchange below. It’s pure nightmare fuel.

Are We Alone?

Generally speaking, I’m very skeptical of anything that touches the paranormal world. It’s something we pride ourselves on, and to be fair, plenty of fascinating UFO footage is out there. Much of it is from our military.

That’s all fine and good. This type of stuff is not. This is the type of stuff that should keep you awake at night.

Coverup or Conspiracy?

Are aliens among us? Were aliens found in Brazil in 1996, and it was covered up? It’s hard to say, but it seems unlikely a coverup is even possible on the latter question. Governments are very incompetent when it comes to hiding stuff. Any large organization will have leaks; there’s no concrete proof that aliens were found.


Q: What is the Varginha UFO incident?

A: The Varginha UFO incident allegedly occurred in Brazil in 1996 and involved the sighting of a UFO and creatures some witnesses described as demonic or alien. The incident is sometimes called “The Roswell of Brazil” or “Brazil’s Roswell.”

Q: What is the “Moment of Contact” documentary?

A: “Moment of Contact” is a popular UFO documentary released in 2022, directed by James Fox, which covers the Varginha UFO incident and other alleged UFO sightings and encounters.

Q: Is there any concrete proof of aliens being found in Varginha?

A: No, no concrete proof exists that aliens were found in Varginha. The incident remains a mystery, and the details are based on witness accounts and rumors.

Q: Did the Brazilian government cover up the alleged UFO incident in Varginha?

A: No concrete evidence supports the claim that the Brazilian government covered up the Varginha UFO incident. However, some speculate that the government may have tried to hide the incident from the public.

Q: Are we alone in the universe?

A: It is currently unknown if there is intelligent life beyond Earth. However, many alleged sightings of UFOs and other unexplained phenomena throughout history have led some people to believe in the possibility of extraterrestrial life.

Source: Outkick