Jodie’s Unearthly Powers in “The Chosen One”

“The Chosen One”, a Netflix coming-of-age series, spun the tale of a young boy named Jodie, believed by many to be the Second Coming of Christ. The evidence? He survived a truck crash that by all means should’ve ended his life. Yet, as the narrative progresses, it’s not all heavenly miracles and faith; there’s deceit, magic tricks, and a sinister undercurrent leading to a chilling revelation.

“Initially, locals thought that Jodie must be the Second Coming of Christ because he miraculously survived a truck crash that should have killed him.”

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Unmasking Jodie's Dark Secrets in Netflix's 'The Chosen One' Finale: More Devil than Divine?

Yet, this Netflix adaptation of the comic book series American Jesus deviates from the conventional messianic narrative. When confronted by his bully Angelo, Jodie revives the dead Carlos, only to witness the once alive and vibrant man spiral into a catatonic state and subsequently take his own life.

From Messiah to Mephistopheles

As the plot evolves, viewers get to witness Jodie, portrayed masterfully by Bobby Luhnow, unfold his real supernatural capabilities. His ability to be present in multiple places at once, to revive the dead, and to silence an entire town with a mere thought dispels any doubts about his otherworldly nature.

“Jodie could render the entire town silent with a psychic blast, appear in numerous locations simultaneously, and raise his dead friend back to life without harming him.”

However, the most disturbing revelation comes from delving into Jodie’s parentage. Far from being a reincarnation of Jesus, Jodie discovers that his origins are rooted in darkness. His mother was part of a Satanic cult, and their ultimate aim? To bring forth the offspring of Satan.

Unmasking Jodie's Dark Secrets in Netflix's 'The Chosen One' Finale: More Devil than Divine?

“The shady organization that impregnated Jodie’s mother Sarah twelve years earlier turned out to be a Satanic cult, not a Christian sect.”

Crucial Turning Points in “The Chosen One”

Angelo’s attempt to avenge his father’s altered state after being resurrected by Jodie results in another pivotal moment. His misplaced gunshot intended for Jodie hits Tuka, one of Jodie’s close friends, and sets forth another chain of supernatural events. Angelo’s actions paradoxically cement Jodie’s belief in his own magical prowess.

“Ironically, Angelo shooting Tuka led Jodie to revive him too, which, in turn, convinced Jodie that he did indeed have magic powers.”

While the mystery of why Tuka retained his original personality after revival remains, it’s speculated that Jodie’s close relationship with Tuka might have played a role. This contrasts starkly with Carlos’s post-resurrection state, which can be attributed to Jodie’s lack of personal connection with him.

Unmasking Jodie's Dark Secrets in Netflix's 'The Chosen One' Finale: More Devil than Divine?

Sinister Forces at Play

Yet, Jodie wasn’t the only supernatural entity in the narrative. An underlying threat lurked in the form of a siren, believed to lead sailors to their doom. This siren was closely linked to the same Satanic cult tracking Jodie’s life, ensuring his path towards his predestined role.

“Tuka’s uncle claimed at the beginning of the series that he was attacked by a “Chupa,” a mythical siren that lures sailors to their deaths.”

Unmasking Jodie's Dark Secrets in Netflix's 'The Chosen One' Finale: More Devil than Divine?

Blind Faith and Deception

The end of “The Chosen One” might not be an unforeseen twist for seasoned horror enthusiasts. But the series, in its essence, throws light on the perils of blind faith and the consequences of deceptive appearances. The real horror in the show is not Jodie’s lineage or supernatural abilities but the blind adoration and trust he receives from his townspeople. In a world that seeks miracles, sometimes the true terror is not recognizing the devil in disguise.

“In The Chosen One’s ending, blind faith turns out to be as dangerous as any demon.”