Jeremy Renner is due to give his first interview since being involved in a snowplow accident earlier this year, which left him with blunt chest trauma and numerous orthopedic injuries. The actor will now be seen speaking with Diane Sawyer about the event, his recovery, and his experiences since then. Jeremy Renner: The Diane Sawyer Interview – A Story of Terror, Survival, and Triumph will debut on ABC News in the United States on April 6, just a few days before the premiere of his new Disney+ series Rennervations.

Jeremy Renner claims to have been “awake through every moment” of the ordeal.
A teaser trailer for the interview has been released, which contains audio from Jeremy’s 911 call after the accident, in which he moans in agony.

When asked how much of the pain he recalls, Jeremy said, “All of it,” adding that he was awake throughout. The Hawkeye star also stated that he’d do it again. “Would you do it again?” Sawyer inquired. “Yeah, I’d do it again,” the 52-year-old actor responded. “Because [the snowplow] was heading straight for my nephew.”

The Instagram photo of Jeremy Renner

Jeremy Renner's Instagram post (Image: Jeremy Renner Instagram)
Jeremy Renner’s Instagram post (Image: Jeremy Renner Instagram)

For the uninitiated, Jeremy Renner was assisting his nephew in freeing his car from the snow near his home in Lake Tahoe, Reno, Nevada, when the Sno Cat machine rolled over him as he attempted to save his nephew.

Renner’s nephew disclosed that he saw his uncle’s head in a pool of blood and did not believe the Avengers actor was still alive.

Injuries sustained by Jeremy Renner in a snowplow mishap

Jeremy Renner also revealed that he had “eight ribs broken in 14 places.” he fractured his right knee, and right ankle, fractured left leg tibia, broken left ankle, broken right clavicle, and broken right shoulder. The face, eye socket, jaw, and mandible are all fractured. The lung had fallen. Your liver, pierced from the rib bone – that sounds frightening.”

Jeremy stated that he “opted to survive” the accident. “That’s not going to kill me,” he said. “In this experience, I’ve lost a lot of flesh and bone, but I’ve been refueled and refilled with love and titanium.”