When Two Worlds Nearly Collided: Meghan Markle & Jenna Coleman’s “Suits” Connection

We’ve come to know and love Meghan Markle as the ambitious and clever Rachel Zane in the hit series “Suits.” However, in a surprising revelation, another renowned actress had also been in contention for the same role. Had the casting cards been dealt differently, the entire trajectory of the show might have taken an alternative path.

Meghan Markle’s Reign as Rachel Zane

For seven solid seasons, viewers watched the journey of Rachel Zane, brought to life by Meghan Markle. Starting as a diligent paralegal in the inaugural season of “Suits,” Rachel’s rapport with Mike Ross was undeniable, even though she resisted his initial advances. As seasons progressed, we saw Rachel evolve from clearing the LSAT, making her way to Columbia Law School, acing the bar exam, and finally achieving her dream of becoming a licensed attorney. Her relationship with Mike Ross culminated in a beautiful marriage, and the duo eventually moved to Seattle to run a law firm dedicated to the victims.

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But beyond the screen, Markle’s life took a royal turn. Her growing closeness with the British royal family, particularly her relationship with Prince Harry, meant bidding adieu to the character and the series in 2018.

Jenna Coleman: The Other Contender for Rachel’s Role

Jenna Coleman's Near-Miss: How She Almost Beat Meghan Markle to 'Suits' Stardom

Before Meghan became the face of Rachel Zane, Jenna Coleman had her sights set on the role. The “Doctor Who” star auditioned for the part but destiny had other plans. While Meghan Markle became the series regular, Jenna’s journey took her to the TARDIS, where she played the charming Clara Oswald. Coleman’s subsequent projects include powerhouse performances in “Victoria,” “The Serpent,” “Me Before You,” and the much-awaited “Wilderness,” scheduled for a 2023 release.

The Intriguing Connection: Jenna, Meghan, and Prince Harry

Jenna Coleman's Near-Miss: How She Almost Beat Meghan Markle to 'Suits' Stardom


A delightful twist in this tale of casting is the rumored connection between Jenna Coleman and Prince Harry. Before the world knew Meghan as Prince Harry’s fiancée, Coleman and Harry reportedly shared a warm camaraderie in 2015. As per Vanity Fair, while they never officially dated, there seemed to be potential for a deeper connection.

This casting revelation certainly adds a pinch of intrigue. Though Jenna missed out on “Suits,” both she and Meghan are now celebrated figures in the entertainment industry, each carving their unique mark.

In the grand tapestry of entertainment, it’s fascinating to see how intertwined the threads can be. Meghan’s portrayal of Rachel will always be cherished, but imagining Jenna Coleman in the role adds a delightful “what if” to the mix. Both actresses, with their distinct charisma, continue to dazzle and thrive in their craft.