Jean Segura –Phillies clear Choice


Few sources have made their confirmation to that Phillies have planned and decided to take Jean Segura who is from Seattle. This information been shared to the MLB, that right hander of the Phillies and another pitcher are responsible for the deal. The deal is not yet over but it is in the final verge of completing and with regard to Rosenthal, Segura has agreed to accept and Rosenthal has informed to the press that the discussion between the two for taking Segura is serious.

Segura would be signing the agreement till 2022. His runs are more appreciable and ranked as top ninth among all 21 qualified matches over some seasons. Discussion goes around that this deal is done and gets completed then Machado will become a least choice for the team Phillies.

Yet NBC sports have reported that this deal will not be stopping the Phillies in taking Machado also because he is third brilliant baseman. Chances are high that Phillies would be convincing Machado to play as third because Segura would be the option for second.

If there is any chance of Machado signing with the other team then Phillies would take next step of taking Maikel Franco. All his last seasons were spent at shortstop and if he moves to second then Cesar Hernandez would be the next option for Phillies.

If the trade goes as per talk then Phillies would have more money with them to look out few more agents. Aside this Corbin is been pursued by Yankees and Nationals too. Crawford is much liked by the Phillies, yet Segura would be a better pick to upgrade him for the next season in 2019. Issues prevailed between Scott and Segura but Phillies should not have any problem in future.

Source: Mlb, Nbc Sports

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